Why writing is my therapy

Rooi Kate Spade Notebook Review
Kate Spade Notebook

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved writing. Short stories, diaries which contain my teenage heart, angsty poetry published on Bebo, you name it, I’ve done it. I can’t even describe the comfort that writing, whether it’s fingers to keyboard or pen in hand, brings to me. In fact, because reading and writing is all I’ve ever wanted to do, my only tattoo of a book and quill symbolises that.

What I think a lot of people don’t realise is how much writing I do that doesn’t get published on here. I can’t even count the number of posts I’ve written in the heat of the moment, simply to get my thoughts out of my head and onto a page, purely because writing them like a post makes me feel like I’ve expressed pent up emotions, regardless of whether they ever get published. It makes me laugh now to look back at my school days when writing 1,000 words in an essay seemed like a mammoth task, and yet all it takes it one person to piss me off when I’m on my period to prompt a hormonal out pouring of twice as many words. Disclaimer: those words are absolutely not fit for public consumption.

Kate Spade Notebook

Something that I really struggle with is feeling as though I’m in control of my life. I’ve referred to this before as my need of feeling ‘together’. I think this is the negative side effect of being a single girl living alone as for the majority of the time, I’m reliant on myself and nobody else, and physically writing things down, whether it’s practical lists or creative ideas, really helps this. Let’s face it, if I forget to do something, whether it’s something small like making sure I don’t run out or shampoo or something bigger like forgetting to pay a bill, I only have myself to blame and I’m the one to deal with the consequences.

Kate Spade Notebook

Most of the time, for life admin type bits, I’ll record things digitally, either as calendar reminders, emails to myself or in the notes section of my phone, but when it comes to more creative things, I definitely prefer to physically put pen to paper. I’m an absolute stationary fiend and at the moment, I’m loving pretty notebooks with motivational quotes as let’s face it, with creativity comes an Instagram post. Am I sorry to be that blogger cliché? No. Am I the type of person to sit in a cafe writing down blog ideas using cute stationary as I wait for my avocado on toast to arrive? Yes. The one in the photos is by Kate Spade (via Rooi) is my absolute favourite at the moment as it’s a bit bigger and perfect for brainstorming new ideas. I know a lot of people prefer little notebooks that will fit in their handbag but my every day bag could rival Mary Poppins, so a big notebook is perfect for me.

Kate Spade Notebook

I find having ideas sessions with other people just as helpful as having them by myself. So many of my posts have come from other people saying ‘oh but why don’t you write about this’ and it’s an idea that makes 100% sense yet hasn’t even been on my radar. My absolute dream is to spend more time with bloggers just coming up with ideas for content and bouncing it around, writing things down physically in a notebook and creating a web of content themes for our blogs. Of course this would take place in a cute cafe and include a few pics for the old ‘gram. Note to self, make this happen!

So tell me, what does writing mean to you? Are you a lover or a hater? Do you write it down or type it up? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Years ago, although I kept diaries, I would never have said that I'd like or enjoy writing as much as I currently do. Same with reading. But I think age has been a factor for me.
    Beginning blogging was really the best 'hobby' I could have taken, in respects of self expression, creative writing, reading and technology skills - just to name a few.
    With my late mum being a jurno, I do heap a little bit of pressure on myself that I 'should be good' at this. But, it's remembering I'm me and carving my own path.
    I do enjoy it and I'm sure like you, it's got my through some bad times and also documented some great ones.
    To touch on something else - I've always typed up my thoughts and like you have deleted and not published many. However just recently, especially over these (long) 6 weeks of school holidays, I've been taking a notepad and pen with me so I can brainstorm whilst out. I've quite enjoyed putting pen to paper.