My holiday ‘type’

My holiday ‘type’ with Superbreak
Iamsterdam Sign

You know when you find something that is 100% your type on paper? Yeah, yeah, I know Love Island is dead for now, but that’s how I like my holidays – 100% my type on paper. I’ve written a lot about my solo travel plans in the past and a big part of why I travel by myself is because I want to do things my way. Is that selfish? Probably. Is it going to change? Absolutely not.

I’m definitely a lover of the humble city break. If I spend too much time alone without being distracted I over think a lot (hello 3am life evaluations), so going somewhere that’s full of things to do is definitely at the top of my list. I’m a big fan of the old itinerary, and like to take recommendations from others about places to go, things to see, what to do and most importantly what to eat as are you even abroad if you don’t try all things delicious? We all know holiday calories don’t count.

gluten free nutella cake

I’m all about packing my days full of sight-seeing as at the grand old age of 25, I’m far from the party gal I was at 18 (disclaimer, I was barely even a party gal then either), so I love early starts and seeing as much as I can, preferably getting home at a reasonable time. Yes, I know. I’m wild. When I was in Amsterdam earlier this year I found out that the hotel room had MTV and it was back to back new episodes of Catfish, which let’s be honest, is more my style than smashing a few spacecakes of an eve after a long day sight-seeing.

House of bols Amsterdam

Best western hotel room amsterdam

I was in touch with Superbreak recently to work with them on a Tinder style app where you swipe through a whole load of holiday photos (including mine – anything to help me get insta-famous) and then it’ll tell you the type of break you should go on. Naturally I came out as a foodie every time as brunch is my bae. Now I just need actual Tinder to up it’s game and find me a real life bae to go to brunch with. Or even better, someone to go on holiday with so that I won’t go away and sit in a hotel room watching Catfish. Either/or. But anyway, if you’re in need of some holiday inspo, I’d recommend checking it out. (FYI, I haven’t actually been asked to share this on my blog, I just gave them permission to use some of my photos and thought the end result was cool).

amsterdam canals

amsterdam canals

Right now I’m in two minds about my next trip away as I already have a Harry Potter nerd-out planned for September (London to see The Cursed Child, Watford for the studio tour and then up to Edinburgh for a whole load of must see HP destinations), and after that, I’m thinking Brighton. Just y’know for a Zoella nerd-out. Is that weird for a 25 year old? But after that, I really don’t know where to head on my next city break – apart from knowing it’s going to be somewhere foodie!

So, hit me up with your recommendations for Brighton in the comments and if you happen to know any Leeds-based eligible bachelors, hook me up with them too so that I can ditch actual Tinder for good. 

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  1. oh I love the sound of the app. What a fab idea.
    I think I'd be city break also. I love seeing places and knowing a bit of history etc.
    Brighton is a fab choice. I'd definitely love to visit, but!
    Look forward to seeing your pics! Hopefully not of you outside Zoe's