Delicious Desserts at Kaspas, Leeds

Kaspas Leeds Review
Kaspas Leeds The Core Desserts

I think we all know by now that I have an off the scale sweet tooth so I was pretty excited to be invited to try Kaspas, a new dessert spot in Leeds. I took my best friend Catherine with me (as she appreciates my love of sweet stuff) to try some sugary goodness after work. I’m not actually a full on lover of desserts, I’m more of a straight up chocolate kinda gal, but a trip to Kaspas has definitely brought me back round to dessert appreciation. And dessert appreciation is important.

Kaspas Leeds The Core Desserts

Kaspas is situated in The Core in Leeds and opens late on evenings and for me, it’s the kind of place you’d go with your friends when you fancy something sweet but don’t want to commit to going for dinner. It’s family-friendly too and actually, I can imagine it being the kind of place where teens would go to hang out on weekends together. I can only imagine the teenage romances that could blossom in there over cookie dough.

Kaspas Leeds The Core Desserts drinks

Kaspas is very much of a diner-style and feels quite American in that it has booths and an icecream-parlour feel at the counter. On the menu, there are waffles, crepes, icecream and cookie dough galore, with a load of options to personalise your choice, which I’m definitely down with. I went for a chocolate fudge cookie dough with vanilla and cookies and cream icecream and despite that sounding like diabetes on a plate, it wasn’t as overwhelmingly sickly as you’d expect. The cookie dough was chocolatey and gooey and the icecream was rich and creamy – it tasted like Italian gelato, not mass-produced icecream, which is the dream.

Kaspas Leeds The Core Desserts cookie dough

Catherine went for the strawberry shortcake waffle, which she had on a M&M waffle. Her dessert came with vanilla Mr Whippy type icecream and her waffle was topped with strawberry slices, white chocolate and digestive biscuits. I tried a little bit of her dessert and it was really good – a bit too sweet for me personally as I’m not a white chocolate fan, but I’d definitely have it with another topping.

Kaspas Leeds The Core Desserts strawberry shortcake waffle

Kaspas is definitely a new addition to Leeds as I don’t know of anywhere else which specifically sells desserts. Whilst I don’t think it would be somewhere I’d go regularly, I’d definitely recommend it for families, especially for those long shopping days, or for younger people who aren’t quite old enough to go to a bar, but don’t want to hang around in McDonalds either. It’s a great location, reasonably priced and we had a lovely (and fit) waiter. What more could you ask for?


  1. This looks incredible! We have a similar kind of place in our city but I'm yet to visit it - I might have to after reading this. I love the pink decor too :)

    A fit waiter is always a bonus aswell!


  2. I think proper good dessert places is one culinary area Bradford has actually had the edge over Leeds for a while (well, that and curry, obv) - perfect for me as a I have a sweet tooth I just love to indulge! I'm just running out of excuses to go!
    These both look marvellous! x