Twenty Seventeen – pt2

Twenty Seventeen – pt2

It’s July. What the actual hell, I’m pretty sure last week I was complaining about the January blues and the festive season shaped hole in my bank balance. As we’re officially halfway back to Christmas and naturally I’ve started counting down to breaking out my A/W wardrobe (striped jumpers as opposed to striped tshirts), I wanted to do a little re-assess of the goals I set myself back in January. Like a biannual review. Dear Lord, it’s almost like I set KPIs for myself.

Arrange more fun stuff
I’m putting a big, fat tick next to this one as I’ve been saying yes to a lot of the fantastic opportunities I get through my blog, which means being able to see blogger friends and also take friends and family as plus ones (two birds one stone with blog content and fun times). I’ve also been focusing more on memories over materialism and have booked tickets to various shows and gigs right into 2018.

Do the fitness thing... better
I started this one with different intentions to how it’s worked out as I’m now a member of an different gym than I was at the start of the year. I’m actually enjoying it far more as the classes are smaller, the service is way more personal and the style of exercise is more up my street. However, it's also further from my new job so I'm in two minds about going back to my old gym - decisions, decisions! I'm still far from looking like Kendall Jenner and I'm in desperate need of a motivational boost.

No more comparing successes
This one I’ve struggled with a little as being 25 and surrounded by people settling down really shows the differences in lifestyle. I regularly need to remind myself that I’m absolutely not ready to give up #PRLife and living in a bachelorette pad and just last night a good friend of mine pointed out that other people living their lives has absolutely zero impact on my life. However, it’s a case of asking what success looks like for me (this is starting to sound like a piece of strategy work I’d do for a client) as my goals right now don’t include a second toothbrush in my bathroom, a ring on my finger or womb activation.

Be happier
Dear Lord, this has been an improvement to date for sure. I put this entirely down to taking myself off the contraceptive injection and upon reflection, I was incredibly unhappy for the full 18 months I spent on it, but only realised once it was well and truly out of my system. That, the lighter evenings and the conscious effort I’ve made to make myself happier have all really impacted on my moods.

Give something back
I’m really sad that I haven’t given blood in a while as I got a piercing so I’m out of the loop for another couple of months, but I have full intention of going back and donating later in the year. I have however sponsored friends for their charity endeavours and I’ve tried as much as I can to make time, especially at work, to help people.

Stop waiting around for things
As I write this, I’m two days away from starting a new job as a Social Media Manager which is a massive promotion for me. I was contacted out of the blue about it and when I told a friend I ‘got lucky’, he said to me that no, you create your own luck. And you know what, he’s right. The job market is too saturated to get handed a promotion on a plate without well and truly deserving it. I’ve spent a lot of time essentially jogging on the spot in all areas of my life in the last year or so, but now that I’ve got one big change ahead of me, I’m hoping for a domino effect.

So that’s where I’m at with my goals for 2017 – a few ticked off but some room for improvement! How are you going with you resolutions? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Well done with all you progress so far! Mainly glad to hear that you are feeling happy - as that's the most important thing overall, but sounds you like you are making really awesome career steps too! I'm sure it's much deserved and hope you love the ne gig! x

  2. Yes yes yes to all this! All and anything is possible for the last half of your 2017.
    With lots of ticks already given. :)
    Look forward to more time with you.