Food and gal time at Joe’s Kitchen, York

Joe’s Kitchen, York
Joe's Kitchen, York Gin and Tonic

Going home for the weekend, even though it’s only a 20 minute train for me, has started to become an occasion as I’m so ridiculously busy at the moment. I was invited to review Joe’s Kitchen in York and invited my lovely friend Lorna along with me so we could spend the afternoon catching up over some delicious food and a G&T. She’s the perfect dinner date as she fully understands the need to get a good photo! I’ve actually been to Joe’s Kitchen before, just by chance, for dinner with my mum not long back so I already knew I was in for a treat. We were there to not only enjoy lunch but also try their summer G&T menu – which is the perfect combination, right?

The G&Ts we chose were served in giant goblet G&T glasses and tasted as good as they looked. Lorna had the Sipsmith’s gin with Earl Grey and lemon, whereas I went for the Portobello Road with grapefruit and fennel seeds – though as they’d run out of grapefruit, mine came with orange and I actually prefer that anyway. Their G&Ts are £6.95 which I think is a really great price for a city centre, especially when they’re special recipes for each type of gin.

We had such a perfect afternoon catching up about Lorna’s boyfriend, my lack of boyfriend, work, gossip and generally deep life chats. I’m lucky to have a friend like her as we can easily go months without seeing each other and then when we do, we just pick up where we left off, usually accompanied by copious amounts of alcohol. It was so lovely to be able to just sit in a restaurant, not feel at all rushed, especially as we were sat by a window in the sunshine. It’s essentially the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a G&T and some delicious food.

We went all out and had three courses (as why the hell not). I started with avocado and tomato on sourdough toast and Lorna has chicken goujons. Both were delicious, and I particularly enjoyed having a taste of something brunch-y as part of my meal as we all know how much I adore brunch. What can I say? My love of avocado on toast is up there with any other blogger.

Joe's Kitchen, York avocado on sourdough starter

Joe's Kitchen, York chicken goujon starter

For mains, I chose a pulled pork sandwich with a side of sweet potato croquettes and Lorna had lamb skewers. We also got a side of slaw to share. I really struggled to choose something as there is so much on the menu – it’s definitely a place to go if you have fussy eaters as there is something for everyone, and it’s so much more than your standard pub food menu too, as there are lots of lighter options. I really enjoyed my sandwich as pulled pork is always my favourite, and the sweet potato croquettes were to die for – I’ve never seen them on a menu before and they definitely need to be the new ‘it’ thing in restaurants. Lorna picked lamb skewers as it’s something a bit different and also really enjoyed them.

Joe's Kitchen, York pulled pork sandwich

Joe's Kitchen, York lamb skewer

Joe's Kitchen, York slaw

We couldn’t say no to dessert and I chose the chocolate brownie (standard!) and Lorna chose the waffle with cherry compote and icecream. I’m a total chocolate fiend and always go for brownie and I wasn’t disappointed with my choice. Lorna’s looked absolutely incredible too – we were definitely impressed by the desserts.

Joe's Kitchen, York chocolate brownie

Joe's Kitchen, York waffle dessert

Overall, I was definitely impressed by Joe’s Kitchen and will no doubt be heading back there again – it’s somewhere I’d recommend going as it’s right near all of the shops, the food is great, the staff are lovely and the prices are reasonable. 

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  1. We peered into the window of Joe's last time we were in York but hadn't really heard anything about it and ended up eating elsewhere - I'll make sure we head there next time now that its had an official thumbs up! x