Beefeater, York – a review

Beefeater, York – a review
I was recently invited to try Beefeater in York and headed there with my mum (the ultimate plus one) for dinner on a Saturday night. Though I hadn’t been to a Beefeater branded restaurant before, I had been to this restaurant before when I was a kid (prior to it being taken over by Beefeater), so I must admit, I was a little wary that I was going to turn up and it be a full on family friendly restaurant. I mean, it is a family friendly restaurant but it’s not like a Wacky Warehouse*. We were there at 7pm and it was busy but not crazy packed, which was the perfect setting for dinner. This branch of Beefeater is actually attached to a Premier Inn and we both commented that it’s pretty much the dream to have such a nice restaurant next door – the menu is ridiculous in the amount of options there are, we struggled to choose.

For our starters, Mum had breaded mushrooms and I opted for meatballs which were served with sourdough. I was really pleased with mine as not only were they topped with cheese, but I enjoyed the added carby goodness of the sourdough as that’s not something you’d usually get with a starter like that. So far, we were averagely impressed by the quality, it was as good as you’d hope it to be.

Beefeater York breaded mushroom starter

Beefeater York meatballs starter

It was the main courses that really impressed us, as we were expecting it to be decent, and it surpassed that by a long way. I went for BBQ sticky ribs and changed my chips for a vegetable medley and both were delicious. I haven’t had ribs for a while and it reminded me why I should order them more frequently as the meat just fell of the bone and was so delicious. Mum on the other hand thought she was going for a lighter option with a steak and pear salad – we were imagining a bed of salad topped with sliced steak. Her meal actually turned out to be a massive rump steak (I swear it was half a cow), accompanied by a large fresh salad that must have contained a whole pear. Considering the price, the portion sizes are big.

Beefeater York rack of ribs

Beefeater York steak and pear salad

We only just had space for dessert but decided it would be rude not to and I went for the trio of sponges, whilst mum had the lemon curd sorbet. Mine tasted like three traditional school puddings and I enjoyed all three flavours – lemon drizzle, chocolate and raspberry and coconut. Each one was a couple of mouthfuls and that was more than enough. Mum also really enjoyed her sorbet as it was really light and refreshing.

Beefeater York trio of sponges dessert

Beefeater York lemon curd sorbet

Overall, I was really impressed by Beefeater, as though I went in with some pre-conceptions of how it would be, it wasn’t at all like that and if I lived closer, I would 100% be going back. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them in the future, as it’s a great place to go when you just want to know that you’ll get great food at a reasonable price.

*I don’t know if that’s a thing that exists outside of York, so if it doesn’t, it’s one of those places that has a playbarn and a slide.

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  1. I think Wacky Warehouses pop up pretty much everywhere! :D
    But glad your Beefeater experience was a good one, the food does look really good actually!