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I don't really chat about dating all that much on my blog at the moment as I’ll be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve actually done any dating. LOL. #Single4Life. No joke, I haven’t been on a proper first date in about a year, which is a far cry from 2014 Lizi when I peaked at two dates in a day. (What can I say, I was busy and it meant I only had to straighten my hair once).

I’ve been dipping my toes back into online dating in the last few months – and by that I mean, a few drunken nights where my colleagues have mercilessly taken over my Tinder as I got to the point where I didn’t think they could do a worse job than I was doing myself. Turned out that actually, they could and I woke up to a whole variety of matches. Who knew.

Tinder behaviour is a weird one but having been on it a fair while, it’s become pretty easy to work out a timeline of Tinder intentions.

Night out self Tinder
This is when you’re bored on a night out and figure that whilst you’re in a central location with a higher than usual volume of people around you that you may as well see who’s knocking about. Self-Tindering tends to be take place in bars which are too loud to talk to your friends in but when it’s too early on to start dancing so everyone’s sat staring at their phones anyway.

Night out group Tinder
Group Tinder is when you all input into who you’re matching. Suddenly everyone’s tastes need to be considered and people who you probably would have matched with get dismissed as one of your colleagues doesn’t like beards and another isn’t a fan of a checked shirt.

In a relationship Tinder
No, not what you think. I’m referring to friends who have been in a relationship since the pre-Tinder era and are therefore fascinated by it. No joke, everyone who’s been coupled up for more than 3 years ends up swiping away and living their single lives through you, especially when you’re a couple of glasses of wine in.

Good morning Tinder
Oh stop, if you thought that was a morning horn reference, you are wrong. (Well, I’m assuming most people don’t tend to go for a pre-8am booty call, but that could just be me). Especially if you’re awake early on weekends, if there’s no reason to get out of bed, once you’ve scrolled Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and caught up on your Whatsapp group’s 40 messages that happened after you nodded off last night, it’s time to swipe.

Booty call Tinder
Usually on a Friday or Saturday night, if you’re on a night out and start receiving post-midnight matches, there’s only one intention. By this point, it’s too late for group Tinder efforts and the coupled up lot have gone home to their significant others, leaving the singletons out and looking for something last minute.

Weeknight Tinder
When you’re tucked up in bed, finishing off an episode of something on Netflix and you’re having a quick pre-bedtime swipe. This is usually around the 11pm mark and it’s accompanied by no makeup, hair scraped into a topknot and some Primark PJs. Oh the glamour.

So tell me, when do you Tinder? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My swiping was a lonely Saturday night in. All my friends were busy with boyfriends and my parents were out so I downloaded and got swiping! That's the only time I've ever really used it but the boys from work did have a go one lunch time (they're all in a relationship tinder swipers!) and they had terrible taste ;)