Turning 25 and grown up goals

Grown up goals
Birthday cake and card

In case you missed me banging on about my birthday for about a month, I recently turned 25. The big two-five. A quarter of a century. No longer in the 16-24 tick box range. In the over 25 category on the X Factor. Official mid-twenties.

I’d say that it’s another year wiser but having started my 25th year on Call Lane and not getting in until half three that morning, I can safely say all it’s taught me so far is that 25 year old Lizi can’t handle a hangover. Dreamy.

I want to make my 25th year the best year of my life. I appreciate that every year should be a great year but I definitely last peaked at 22 so I’d like to up my game a little. I want this to be the year where I create opportunities for myself to progress both personally and professionally. The year I become more accepting of myself. The year I do things better.

Hi, my name is Lizi and I’m starting to act worryingly like an adult.

At 25, I think it’s about time I set some solid grown up goals for the next five years. A five year plan, shall we say. And a realistic one. The ten year plan I had at 16 was about as realistic as a Disney film, but now I feel as though I’m in a position to make more informed goals. (Goals which don’t involve being a married at 21, a chemical engineer and/or the editor of vogue by the age of 24, with child number one at 26 – 16 year old me was somewhat deluded).

Over the next five years, one hell of a lot can change but here are a few things I want to achieve:

1. Move. The shoebox I call home still serves the same purpose as when I bought it two and a half years ago – I’m living solo and a 15 minute walk from work. But should either of those change, moving somewhere bigger will be on the agenda for me, whether that’s because I’m moving in with someone or because I simply want a spare room that I can dedicate to having a floor to ceiling mirror in. Either/or.

2. Have actual savings. I’ve mentioned a few times that this year, for every blog post I’m publishing, I’m saving £5. Whilst this is all very well and good, I don’t really count my dinosaur money tin as ‘real savings’, ideally I’m wanting more of a bank account type situation, that isn’t just ‘save for a few months and blow it on a holiday’.

3. Travel further afield. The last two years have proven to me that I can a) get on a plane by myself (Dublin) and b) go somewhere that I can’t speak the language (Amsterdam). Now I’ve ticked those two off my list, I’d like to go a little further and perhaps up my plane journeys to longer than an hour.

4. Look after myself more consistently. When I moved to Leeds, things which I took for granted in York fell off my radar and two and a half years later, I feel like I should probably start committing to things like a hairdresser. 

5. Advance my career. A natural one for me as I’m fairly ambitious, but I want to follow the natural steps of progression in the next five years.

6. Keep giving blood. I’ve now done ten donations but I’m hoping over the next five years I can double that and bank myself some seriously good karma.

So, that’s what I’m aiming for. Do you have a five year plan? What’s on it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Happy Birthday again lovely and here's to a fantastic year 25 for you!
    I think you've listed some pretty basic but definitely achievable.
    I feel you could definitely have many of these ticked of or on with by the end of this year. :)
    You've got this!