Getting my Lagom on

pot plants against white brick wall

Lagom is the new Hygge. Remember Hygge? The cosy trend? It’s over. Lagom is in and I’m hoping it’s here to stay.

Hygge had us trying to solve our life problems with hot drinks, scented candles and knitted throws, all whilst watching your favourite comfort film. I mean, over winter, I was fully Hygge-d up for about three months and truly embracing large mugs of tea in front of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (anyone who says that PoA isn’t the best film out of the series is quite frankly, wrong). But it’s time for something new.

This time the well-being world has been inspired by the Swedes and the Lagom way of living well. It’s a cleaner and more active lifestyle and encourages being happy and content with ‘just enough’. Lagom is less indulgent than Hygge in that it doesn’t encourage Netflix binges with a packet of chocolate hobnobs for company, as it’s about feeling ‘better’. Some (ahem, me), may argue that chocolate coated oaty biscuits can make anyone feel better, but Lagom is about eating nutritionally balanced food that isn’t made in a biscuit factory. Sigh.

Jokes aside, I think Lagom is definitely a lifestyle we could all do with taking some ideas from as it encourages a good way of living – one which is active, full of healthy food and spending time outdoors. It’s also about contentment and having ‘just enough’, so being less frivolous with your cash and not consuming unnecessary things. I equate living ‘well’ with feeling ‘together’ – something I’ve mentioned a few times as the feeling of being in control of my life and at my most mentally strong – so Lagom can come at me.

Here’s how I want to embrace the Lagom lifestyle:

-   Consume less processed shit. Let’s face it, you’ve got as much nutritional value in a Dominos as you do in the cardboard box it comes in, and cutting down on the foods which have been mass produced is always a positive. Even if that does include hobnobs. Sob.
-   Waste less food. I’m the worst for buying food on a whim instead of eating the meals I’ve carefully prepped then frozen in the forest of tuppaware (AKA, my freezer). And that is just unnecessary.
-   Buy less crap I don’t need. Mugs for example, I have a cupboard full of them and I drink from one of them. Do I need another one? Of course I bloody don’t.
-   Spend more time outdoors. LOL. I’m the least outdoorsy person in the world so everyone else can keep their hiking up mountains, as the outdoors I have in mind includes a walk into town on a weekend to go look at the mugs I won’t be buying.
-   Make more time for people I love. Let’s face it, we’re all busy, but making the effort to see people, whether that means getting on train or parting with the cash you’ve saved from not buying pointless crap to get there, it’s worth it.

So, will you be going full-scale Lagom this year? Are you like me and already planning on reverting back to Hygge the moment November hits? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I'm loving the transition from Hygge to Lagom. I'm all for being cosy like you, but I'm kind dover it for a while.
    I too am trying to put out the rubbish. Getting back into not calorie counting but looking at what I'm eating and what's in it. Plus cooking more even on 'off' days, plus definitely using what I have in the cupboards/fridge rather than buying more!
    Lagom on a more sustainable level, I am wanting to change all our bulbs to LEDs. I did the whole contacting Yorkshire water about money saving options and have all of that already. Apart from chucking my bath water into the plants.. as I don;t have
    Having a toddler and a dog I can't help be be outdoorsy. Too much time indoors gives me cabin fever! Get yourself out!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon too!