Feeling better at Q61

Q61 Leeds Cupcakes

The title of this post makes it sound like Q61 is some weird magic potion that restores you to health or something when in actual fact it’s an absolute gem of a beauty salon in Leeds city centre. If you’re familiar with Leeds, it’s on the same street as Five Guys (post facial burger anyone?). Despite that being such a busy street, Q61 is so super sound proofed that you wouldn’t know – whilst you’re in a treatment room, you could easily be in a spa in the middle of the countryside rather than a city centre.

I’ve been to Q61 a couple of times before and I know many of my friends are regular customers so when I was invited to their blogger night, I couldn’t RSVP fast enough. I’ve been to a fair few beauty salons before and have felt almost intimidated, so going somewhere like Q61 where the staff are so friendly and welcoming means I’ve always felt entirely at ease. It’s the type of place which has the same type of restorative powers of a strong cup of tea accompanied by a chocolate hobnob or three as just walking in makes your shoulders relax and drop about six inches. And that’s something which makes me feel better.

Q61 opened back in November 2015 and is owned by husband and wife Michael and Helena. Prior to their honeymoon, Helena had a bad experience getting her nails done and said ‘one day, we’ll open a beauty salon’. During their honeymoon, they wrote a business plan on a hotel notepad and eight months later they launched Q61 – it’s safe to say, they don’t mess around! Their focus for Q61 is to make the customer feel special, have a salon which is conveniently located and open at hours to suit you and have an easy to use booking system. What they wanted for Q61 is absolutely the reality and something that was apparent to me as a customer prior to the event.

On the night, we had the chance to try two treatments – I went for a gel manicure and classic individual lashes. Over my manicure, I had the opportunity to chat to Debbie about Q61 and to hear about the nail products they use. Despite having had a few gel manicures in the past, this is the first time I’ve been told exactly how it works and have been given specific aftercare instructions, so it’s no wonder previous manicures I’ve had haven’t lasted as long!

Q61 Leeds Gel Manicure

Q61 Leeds Gel manicure

After I had my nails done, I headed upstairs to get my lashes done, which is something I was really curious about but also slightly concerned as false lashes tend to be too long and touch my glasses. Thankfully, the therapist doing mine wore glasses herself and 100% knew where I was coming from! As I don’t wear that much makeup on a day to day, I was keen to get a natural look and I absolutely love that I don’t have to wear mascara on a day to day basis now.

Q61 Leeds Individual Lashes

When I said that that it makes me feel better, this is true. We all know that a beauty treatment can do you the world of good in making you feel like you’ve got your shit together, but that accompanied by an evening full of some of my very good friends made it even better.

I’m really looking forward to going back to Q61 as I definitely want to get a facial booked in ASAP. I was given some advice for my skin on the night but the team can do a more comprehensive face mapping and make recommendation when they can take all of your makeup off – so that’s something I’d also like to do.

Have you been to Q61 before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've read a couple of posts about this event and it seems a great success, I particularly like that everything seems to have been personalised and that they actually care about you!
    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Love this! It's amazing have having a little pamper can really boost your morale and self confidence!
    Your nails and lashes look fab!
    It's great to know that people like this 'get' opening hours to suit everyone. Granted you can't be open 24/7, but extending one or two nights would gain places so much more. :)


  3. beauty places always make me feel a bit nervous (I always expect to be told off for not looking after various things properly...!) so knowing they have really friendly staff makes a big difference!