Cocktails and chips; Changing Perceptions

Victoria Gate Casino Leeds Curve Bar
Roulette Wheel Victoria Gate Casino Leeds

At the age of 24 and 11/12’s (can you tell I’m counting down to my birthday?), I had never been to a casino. Despite growing up playing the card game 21 under the watchful eye of my Nanna, I’ll hold my hands up and say that I’m not a gambler and that going to a casino has never really been on my radar, but I was lucky enough to be invited to the new super casino in Victoria Gate, Leeds, for a cocktail masterclass, and it really changed my perceptions.

With a glass of prosecco in hand, we were shown around the casino, which is absolutely massive. If you’ve been in Victoria Gate, you’ll no doubt walk into the casino and have the same reaction I did of ‘where has this space come from?!’. The entire casino screams luxury, just like the shopping centre, and it has a really chilled out atmosphere. Whilst it may have been labelled a casino, it’s far more than that, in that it has two bars, private hire spaces, areas to watch sports and a restaurant. Following the tour, we headed to their Curve Bar for cocktail making and to hear about their two new cocktails which have been created in line with their new competition.

Curve Bar Victoria Gate Casino Leeds

My personal faves from the night were a Classic Mojito, Old Fashioned and their new ‘Black Star’ cocktail. The casino has introduced two cocktails to promote their new competition in which they’re giving away two cars, and all of the staff have picked a side, either #TeamRed for the ‘French Kiss’ cocktail or #TeamBlack for the ‘Black Star’. Both of the new cocktails were delicious but I couldn’t resist the Black Star.

Mojito Victoria Gate Casino Leeds

French Kiss and Black Star cocktails Victoria Gate Casino Leeds

‘French Kiss’ Recipe
Absolut Vanilla vodka: 50ml
Cranberry juice: 75ml
Crushed raspberries and ice
Prosecco: 50ml
Chambord: 10ml

‘Black Star’ Recipe
Blavod Black vodka: 50ml
Apple juice: 75ml
Crushed blackberries and ice
Prosecco: 50ml

Having tried a fair few cocktails on the menu, I can confirm that I will most definitely be back, as not only are they reasonably priced but as the casino is open 24 hours a day, it’s a great place to visit for a cocktail after a day of shopping or as a great place to stop for dinner and drinks – the food is also surprisingly budget friendly for such a high end environment. On the night we had fun playing roulette with some dummy chips, though I don’t think I’ll be putting my own money on the table  – I’d far rather go spend it downstairs in Anthropologie.

Zombie cocktail Victoria Gate Casino Leeds

So, if like me, you love cocktails, head to Victoria Gate casino and you’ll be able to pick up a card so that every time you go in, you can grab a stamp – four stamps and you have a valid entry to the prize draw. Even better, you can earn bonus stamps with every French Kiss or Black Star cocktail you buy (it would be rude not to try both when they’re on 2 for £12).

Victoria Gate casino has really changed my perception on casinos as it surpassed my expectations of being a space where people only go to gamble, as for me, it’s all about enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, cocktail in hand.

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  1. There's a couple of casinos round here that I've heard are realyl good for both drinks and food,.. but I've never been as I find them a little intimidating!