A rum masterclass with Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay Huddersfield
Turtle Bay Huddersfield cocktails

I’ll confess, I’ve cheated. I’ve cheated on gin and even my beloved vodka. I’ve become a rum drinker.

My relationship with rum didn’t get off to a great start back in my teenage years when one fateful night I threw up a lethal mix of Malibu and pineapple (I would not recommend) but I’ve now learned about proper rum. Real rum. The rum which makes you ask ‘why is the rum always gone’ the second you run out and accompany it with the swagger of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean.

Turtle Bay is definitely the go-to destination for any budding pirates (pet parrot and eye patch are optional) as they have it all. Even a high quality coconut rum which is a better version of Malibu – though even the scent of that one brought back a few bad memories. For those who are an absolute badass and/or a total maniac, they have rum which is over 70% proof. And for the rest of us inbetween, they have a whole load of other rums, which can be bought by the shot or served in a cocktail.

Turtle Bay Huddersfield mojito

Turtle Bay Huddersfield cocktail masterclass

As you may have guessed, it’s the type of place where realistically, you need to drink your way through the menu on a really chilled Saturday afternoon. When it comes to cocktails, I tend to go for drinks which are quite fruity, so the Passionfruit and Vanilla Mojito (gold rum, vanilla, fresh passionfruit, lime, mint) and the Bay Bramble, (white rum, blackberry liqueur, lime and soda) are personal faves. I love trying new cocktails and I’m really grateful to have had an opportunity to do a masterclass like this and see what I like as it makes me more adventurous when it comes to trying new things.

I’ve been to Turtle Bay for food a few times now and it’s definitely made me a lot less scared of spicy food – it’s only in the last year where I’ve ventured beyond extra mild anything. Jerk chicken is always incredibly flavoursome at Turtle Bay so whilst it’s got a kick, the taste sensation distracts from that. It was in Turtle Bay where I also tried goat for the first time and that’s definitely a meat I’d go back to as in their curry it’s incredibly tender and I enjoy that it’s a strong tasting meat. Their run down is a great veggie option and of course, no Carribean food would be complete without rice and peas.

Turtle Bay Huddersfield sharing board

Turtle Bay Huddersfield curry and rice

Turtle Bay is definitely a strong addition to the bar scene in Huddersfield, which in general has really improved since I left university (typical). The atmosphere isn’t like anywhere else in the town centre in that it’s really chilled out, yet the staff are very passionate about what they do.

Are you a fan of rum? Have you ever been to Turtle Bay? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I've been telling bloggers for years 'rum is better than gin!' but no one wanted to believe me! ;p