The Solo Project #9: Visiting a museum

The Solo Project #9: Visiting a museum

I’ll throw it out there that I’m not a regular museum goer but when I’m on holiday, I try to spend at least some of the time learning about the place I’m exploring. Usually by the medium of alcohol (in Dublin it was Guinness and Jameson, in Amsterdam, Heineken and Bols). Going to a museum by yourself fits into that cliché of being a nerdy loser of a weekend but personally, I really enjoy having a nosy round, especially when it’s somewhere new. Here are my top 8 reasons why going to a museum by yourself is ace.

1. You get to choose which one. Let’s face it, you’re not going to rock up to somewhere you’re not interested in by yourself, whereas if you go with other people, there may need to be a little bit of compromise. I mean, my interests include (but are not limited to) dinosaurs and alcohol, but I fully appreciate that they might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

2. It’s a great way to explore a new city. When I was in Amsterdam, the museums and tours I went on allowed me to find out so much more about the history and culture of the city than I would have by just wandering the streets.

3. Nobody is telling you to hurry up. There’s nothing worse than actually being interested in listening to the full audio guide recording when you have someone there telling you they want to move on.

4. There are fewer distractions. When you go with a group, it’s easy to miss the smaller details because you’re more distracted by those around you.

5. You can get more into your day. I’ve done a few days out where I’ve crammed in a lot of museums, tours and attractions because by yourself, you tend to get through things much faster.

6. It’s an affordable way to spend a couple of hours. I’ve found that tourists can get a ton of great deals when you look for them and most of the time, you won’t pay full price for anything. Whether you’re going away or being a tourist in your own home town, it’s easy to explore on the cheap.

7. Museum gift shops are ace and there’s nobody there to judge you for spending over the odds on a tea towel. Just think how cultured everyone will think you are when they walk into your kitchen?!

8. Museums which are interactive aren’t actually that daunting when you’re by yourself. The staff aren’t judging you for being by yourself and often you’ll get a more personal experience.

So they’re my reasons why you absolutely, 100% should go to a museum by yourself – have you done it before? If there’s somewhere you thought was particularly great for a solo traveller, please share in the comments!

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