Seven tips for better sleep

Seven tips for better sleep
Sleep tips - lumie sunrise lamp

I read at some point around the ‘new year, new you’ hype back in January that ‘clean sleeping’ was going to be a big deal in 2017 – so far all I’ve heard about is how Lagom is the new Hygge, but I’m sure this trend will kick in at some point. Sleep has always been important to me as without it, I’m a grumpy little bitch with a tendency to bite people’s heads off with little notice. I’d say #SorryNotSorry, but honestly, I’m actually a little bit sorry to anyone who has ever met me on a day when I’ve had less than 6 hours sleep as I’m an absolute nightmare to be around.

‘Clean sleeping’ is all about getting the best and most productive sleep that you can by essentially following sleep hygiene rules. I’ve read up on a few of these online as, especially before Christmas, my sleeping patterns were getting erratic. I struggle with being down over winter quite a lot and stress tends to keep me awake at night, so I decided to actually look into this and find the things that work for me. Here are my top tips which might seem a little mundane but they do genuinely work.

1. Fresh bedding. We all love that feeling of getting into clean sheets, but I find using a detergent with a calming scent such as lavender and camomile (Bold 2 in 1 is the dream), helps me drift off.  

2. Scented candles in the room. I love fresh, clean scents and the Linen and Lace Yankee Candle by ASDA Living (they’re about £11 for a decent sized jar), is my go-to. I’ll leave this burning in my room for about an hour before bed so that the scent lingers – I burned this candle a lot over the summer last year and it reminds me of a time when I was both happier and more content in life.

3. Using a de-stressing spray. As you can probably tell, scent is a big deal to me and a spritz of lavender scented spray over my bed makes me so relaxed and calm – I currently use one by Neom.

4. No caffeine after 4pm. Yes, I know, boring. Since I cut out caffeine after this time, it’s made a significant difference for me and I’d really recommend this to people who struggle to wind down.

5. Sticking to a bedtime. I’ve officially reached peak grandma status – first I’m telling you what laundry detergent I use, now I’m telling you to have a bedtime. This genuinely does work, especially when sticking to a similar routine at weekends as it stops Monday mornings being a shock to the system.

6. Cutting down on screen time before bed. This is still a habit that needs breaking for me as I’ll easily go to bed and spend time staring at my bright phone screen in the dark – not only is this bad for your eyes but the type of light which screens emit makes your brain more active and therefore it’s harder for you to switch off.

7. Using a sunrise/sunset lamp. I recently purchased one of these as I’d heard that they’re really good for people who tend to be a bit edgy/get stressed to a point where it affects sleep, and so far, so good. I tend to find the latter 15 minutes of the ‘sunset’ mode where the lamp dims to nearly dark the most relaxing, and I wake up at around the same level of light when it comes back on – so about halfway to full brightness. Though this is simulated by the lamp, it feels like a far more natural way to wake up on a morning and it tricks you into thinking it’s your natural body clock waking you, not you fighting against your alarm.

They’re my top tips for those struggling with sleep – what would you recommend? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Oh I love these tips Lizi.
    I've started to use a spray on my pillow as got a Rituals one in my advent calendar and love it. :)
    I too am persisting with trying to use my phone less in bed. I've started to read in bed more and then after this, I may use the Calm app on my phone for 10 minutes meditation - then resisting the urge to check instagram one last time..
    I love the idea of the lamp. It sounds very natural. I mean.. We have a natural wake up.. The one of a toddler bounding into your room at 6am each We had to get an alarm clock for him, as his body clock gets messed up with clock changes, so we set his alarm to 6am and that means it's an acceptable time to get up and come into see us. He's generally awake before this, and from experience before we gave him this alarm clock, I'd say he wakes around 5am.. :/
    I'm off to


  2. getting into a bed with fresh bedding is one of the best feelings in the world!