My favourite budget beauty products

My favourite budget beauty products

I almost wrote ‘drugstore beauty’ in the title for this and then nearly vommed in my mouth at the inappropriate Americanism.

What a great start to a blog post.

I wanted to put together a post about all of the beauty products which I use on a regular basis which aren’t bank breaking, just as there are so many posts out there shouting about ridiculously priced products and this gal can’t quite afford £60 foundations. Soz about that.

Also, if I could afford to spend £60 on a single product, I’d take that cash and spend it on a pair of new trainers. #Priorities.

Anyway. The only thing I probably don’t overspend on is make up and beauty products, and I actually have a fairly ‘capsule’ makeup bag. After years of what felt like trying the entire makeup counter in Boots, I feel as though I’ve pretty much nailed my basics.

I use Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation which is about £8 but let’s face it, there’s always an offer to be had at Boots so you’ll never pay full price. It reassures me that it’s a decent product as Tanya Burr uses it and she’s pretty minted. It gives full coverage and without looking like you’re wearing a mask – nobody wants to channel that vibe of ‘teenager who just bought a MAC foundation and looks like the lovechild of an oompa loompa and a porcelain doll’, do they?

After falling in love with Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara, I switched back to All Dolled Up by Seventeen which is essentially a dupe of it, but it existed before Roller Lash. So like a future dupe. Is that a thing? If you prefer a plastic wand rather than a brush, I’d definitely recommend trying this one out.

Powder and Blusher
I’m not a contour fan as I haven’t quite mastered blending it well enough to not look like I have the face of a beige zebra. I stick with Seventeen’s translucent powder to set my foundation and then use a little Natural Collection blusher to give me some colour in (hopefully) the right places.

I absolutely adore Seventeen’s Supreme Shine lipstick in Rich, which is a deep red that I wear all year round. I’ve been wearing it for several years now and it’s still my go-to. I’ve honestly tried to love liquid lipsticks (including NYX matte lip crèmes) but they just feel revolting on my lips.

My absolute all time favourite eyeliner is the GOSH Extreme Liquid Liner. I’m happy to slam the blogger holy grail liquid liner, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke, as I find it so hard to apply, whereas the GOSH liner is quite simply the dream and I’d recommend it to everyone.

I’ve been using the same moisturiser since I was 11 and it’s one that my mum still uses and my nanna also used to use. Astral is really thick, so perfect for those who have fairly dry skin like me, plus it’s not heavily scented. When it comes to taking off my makeup, now I’ve started using Garnier Micellar water, I couldn’t even consider using a facewipe again as it’s so deep cleansing yet feels really gentle on my skin. My favourite scrub is also one I’ve used for years and that’s the St Ives Apricot Scrub – a classic noughties teen product.

That’s my round up of the low end beauty products that I use week in, week out – what would you recommend? As you can tell, I’m not one to spend a lot on cosmetics and skincare so hit me up in the comments with your budget faves.

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