Model’s Own: Leeds Trinity Launch

Models Own products

Beauty brand Models Own has just launched a new store in Trinity, Leeds, and it’s their second and also biggest UK store – I was invited down to their launch party and honestly, this shop is going to break my bank balance. I love EVERYTHING.

It takes a lot to get me excited when it comes to beauty as, if you read my post about budget beauty, you’ll know that I know what I like and tend to stick with it. Usually I find stores which are entirely cosmetics a little intimidating as I know I’m not the most clued up when it comes to makeup, but Models Own has an entirely different vibe – it’s so fun and friendly, plus the staff are really helpful. Make up shopping can be stressful when it involves circling the stands in Boots trying to remember which swatch came from which brand, but in a store like Model’s Own, the products are just there, side by side and oh my days, it makes my life so much easier.

Models Own Trinity Leeds Launch

What I love about Models Own is that it’s a family run business, which started out with two brothers buying surplus beauty stock and selling it to department stores. They were then commissioned to create nail polishes in fashion-forward colours to be sold in highstreet stores like River Island and Models Own was born, with those first ten polishes. The brand name itself came from one of the co-owners reading the list of suppliers in magazine editorials and seeing that occasionally it would say ‘bracelet: Model’s Own’.

Models Own Blusher

The collection is now far more than just the nail polish Models Own is known for, and has spanned across a wide range of cosmetics. The best concept for me is being able to create a mix and match mascara in store – you choose the formula (I went for waterproof) and then your wand. I mean, it’s simple and yet absolutely genius, as how many times have you had a mascara you love with a wand that you hate?

Their collection of lip products is also extensive, with matte and high shine finishes, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and normal lipsticks in a whole array of shades, pretty much covering all bases. I’m 100% team red when it comes to lip colour, so I was pleased to see that the range of options is huge. Nude lips may be a no from me but nude nails are an absolute yes – my favourite polish is from the HyperGel range as in ‘midsummer mauve’. For me it’s the perfect day to day polish and so far, it’s looking pretty hard-wearing too – though they have polish in every colour under the sun so no doubt I’ll be back to stock up pretty soon.

Models Own engraved rose gold contour brush

This brand caters for everyone – whether you want to be absolutely out there or have a really paired back, more natural look – and it’s at a really affordable pricepoint. Their collection of brushes and general makeup tools is also massive – I was so lucky to be given a contour brush with my name engraved on it as a special blogger gift, which I absolutely love – plus they do a dupe of the Real Techniques ‘Beauty Blender’ which I’m excited to try.

If you’re in Leeds, I’d really recommend going in and having a look around as there’s so much to see and it’s the most fun and friendly cosmetics store I’ve ever been in. Keep an eye on my Instagram as there will be a whole load of selfies using the products I picked up on the launch night coming up on there.


  1. How amazing is the store?! I feel like I am going to spend *a lot* of money there x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. I had so much fun there and I'm finding that nearly my whole face is Models Own at the moment. I'm not sorry

  3. Love the top picture and the reflection of the brush, nice one! I really like the mascara concept too :) x