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Giraffe Trinity Leeds Brunch Review
Giraffe Trinity Leeds

Brunch. Well it’s the best meal of the day, right? Breakfast food is my all time favourite type of food, in every single variation it comes in, and I would happily eat it all day long. In fact, when I’m hungover, that is actually what happens.

Brunching with bloggers is an even better type of brunch as there’s that absolute appreciation of nobody eats until the photos have been taken and everyone orders something different as we all want a variety of shots. Some could say that our priorities are terrible, other people may agree that it means we experience more menu diversity and it makes the blog posts to follow even better.

I recently headed to Giraffe which is nestled away at the top of Trinity in Leeds, for brunch with my blogger gals Caroline and Kel so we could indulge in some delicious food and have a long overdue catch up. I’d say that Giraffe is a great budget option, especially given it’s city centre location and the quality of the food surpassed the price tag.

We started off with a smoothie each and I opted for ‘mango mama’ which is blended mango, strawberries, banana, orange and apple juice, making it deliciously fruity and it’s great for those who, like me, have a serious sweet tooth. Caroline and Kel opted for the ‘green canyon’ (kale, banana, spinach and apply juice) and the ‘hippy hippy shake’ (pineapple, passion fruit, mango, banana, pomegranate juice). These all went down really well and I’m really impressed by the number of soft drink options available as usually it’s limited to fizzy drinks and milkshakes in a lot of restaurants.

Giraffe Trinity Leeds Smoothies

For mains, Caroline set her heart on pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and a side of sweetcorn fritters. The portion was absolutely huge for the £7.45 price with three large pancakes and a pile of streaky bacon, plus maple syrup on the side. I opted for a bagel with scrambled egg, mushroom and cherry tomatoes, plus a side of pork sausages, which was around £7 in total. I really enjoyed my meal as it was so flavoursome and was perfectly carby. Kel decided to go for a really different option and got ranch steak and eggs, which was served with salsa and fries – because why the hell not have steak for breakfast when it’s on the menu?!

Giraffe Trinity Leeds maple bacon pancakes

Giraffe Trinity Leeds scrambled egg bagel

Giraffe Trinity Leeds steak brunch

We all seriously enjoyed our brunch at Giraffe and I will 100% be going back there as it’s such a high quality budget option for brunch in Leeds – and the perfect way to start a day of shopping too. Brunch is something I’m hoping to do a lot more of in 2017 – do you have any recommendations for me to try in Leeds? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I could so eat this again.. right now!
    It was a fab brunch. Great company and the place was amazing. Lovely people and the food was so good. The pancakes were so good.. but a lot larger than I'd anticipated! The flitters were also good, but had I known the size of the pancakes, I wouldn't of ordered them! Haha!


  2. Steak and chips for brekkie - why not ey! I like the sound of the smoothies, they're something I wouldn't go for normally, choosing a fizzy drink instead, but that's because they are normally more expensive and I like to save money where I can. I should try and branch out in the choices though occasionally!
    Amy at Amy & More

  3. This looks so yummy! I want the hippy hippy shake, sounds delicious :) x

  4. Oh man, that steak was genuinely brilliant - Id eat it every day for breakfast if I could! It was a pleasure brunching with you and I hope we get to do it again soon! x