Spring Favourites

Glasses by pretavoir and daffodils

Spring is en route and I have the daffodils to prove it. The change of the season can’t come sooner to me as whilst I may sound a little like I’m wishing my life away, endless mornings spent walking to work when the sky is 100% cloud can absolutely do one. A daily dose of grey skies is doing absolutely nothing for my generally grumpy demeanour. However, as I’m trying to spend more time looking on the bright side, I wanted to share a list of the things that are making me seriously happy at the moment.

Can we get a round of applause for Sainsburys and their bunches of daffodils please? These last a good week or so and I plan to buy them for as long as they’re in season. If you’re around Leeds, there are some great budget blooms at Kirkgate market too.

MAC lipstick in Dubonnet
Sorry Spring, you can keep your corals and nude tones as I wear dark red all year round. This red has a brownish undertone and is really rich and pigmented, plus it’s creamy rather than matte so it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry. I’m a sucker for reds and deep berry lips so if anyone has any recommendations, hit me up. The best bit about this lipstick is that it was free when used an introductory offer to Quidco (thanks to Jessica for the heads up on that one).

My new glasses
A gal can never have too many pairs, right? Since I got a new prescription at the end of last year, I’ve had several new frames, but Pretavoir kindly sent me some which are by Jack and Francis and I have absolutely fallen in love with them. I haven’t been wearing wayfarer frames for a while, but these ones have really switched up my look as they’re a little androgynous and I’m really enjoying pairing them with a red lip. I’d really recommend checking out Pretavoir as they have absolutely tonnes of frames at really reasonable prices, including the ones I’m wearing.

Ah I’m still on a holiday high, can you tell? I absolutely loved exploring Amsterdam and it’s the first place I’ve travelled to where I’ve come away thinking ‘yep, this is somewhere I’d go back to’. I crammed so much in when I was there and having had a bit of a wobble the week before, it also felt like I achieved something by simply going.

Going back to the gym
After my, ahem, ‘break’ from exercise before Christmas, I’m actually back to going to the gym as opposed to skiving at every opportunity (prosecco became a priority, OK?). Right now I’m in the middle of an 8 week gym challenge which means regular PT sessions, group sessions and a lot of food chat on Whatsapp.

Getting shit done
We all know that life admin is a ballache and a half, but getting the little things organised really helps me feel a little more in control and mentally together. I fully appreciate that this makes me appear to be a controlfreak from hell (fair point), but knowing that I have my shit together makes me happy.

They’re my faves for Spring 2017 – what are yours? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear them.

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  1. LOVE daffodils. :) Bought myself my first bunch yesterday and will be taking some to mum tomorrow. :)
    The weather (before Doris come!) had been turning and it felt a little less wintery, so hopefully Spring is coming!