The Fuck Budget

The Fuck Budget
The life changing magic of not giving a fuck

Ooo I just threw a naughty word into the title. (Sorry mum). The new ‘it’ book for 2017 is ‘The life changing magic of not giving a fuck’ and it genuinely is life changing. I promise.

I started reading because I love a good blogger bandwagon and I’ve recommended it to so many people as it’s just that good. The book is all about teaching you how to work out what you do and don’t give a fuck about and then to allocate the fucks you have to give accordingly, without being a dickhead about it.

The ‘Fuck Budget’ is how you use your fucks – so imagine having a certain amount of them as let’s face it, nobody has time to give a fuck about everything. For example, you can give more of your fucks towards making an effort to see your friends, and less fucks towards seeing people who you don’t actually like and have grown apart from. Get what I mean?

Reading this book made me realise that in 2016, I perhaps spread myself a little too thinly. I went to events because I didn’t want to upset PRs, when actually they weren’t 100% my thing, I invested time and effort into pleasing people who wouldn’t do the same in return and whilst doing things to help people out on occasion is great, being a doormat, is not. So going forward, I want to invest my time and efforts into the people and things who truly appreciate it.

Instead of listing my entire fuck budget (trust me, it is extensive), I’ve put a few examples down of what I will and won’t be giving a fuck about in 2017.

What will be getting more fucks:
- Planning experiences. Mini-milestones work well for me, whether it’s a gig, show or weekend break so I’ll be investing time into finding new things to do in 2017
-  Investing in memories over materialism. In 20 years I’ll be more likely to remember a really fun evening than the top I wore for it, so I want to spend my money on things which I get something back from.
-  Up-skilling and learning at work. Being the best I can be at my job means making time to read, experience and improve.
-   Spending time in the company of people who I love, learn from, am inspired by and put the world to rights with. This is therapy and it’s on my fuck budget because I need it to stay sane.
-  Running. I begrudge putting this on my more fucks list but I have races to run and I don’t want to be in a position where I’m winging it on the day and spending the entire time wanting to vom (again).

And less fucks will be going towards:
-  Forcing friendships that actually work better on an adhoc basis. If that underlying mutual agreement is there, that’s just fine how it is.
-  FOMO. Someone else having a great time doing something is a positive for them and actually has zero affect on my life
-  Gym guilt. It’s my body and I’m responsible for the state of my arteries, nobody else. I’m also the only one who knows exactly what goes in my mouth (snigger) and how much exercise I’m getting - if I think I’m doing OK, I’m not going to feel guilty about occasionally swapping a gym class for a Twirl. And if I do lose my motivation? I’ll be putting my fucks into getting it back, not feeling guilty about it
-  Time wasters. I find being late in avoidable situations incredibly disrespectful and I don’t have time for it. My time is just as valuable as anyone else’s and mine is not being wasted because other people are not organised.
-  Actively seeking dates. I’m just too busy throwing my fucks at other things and I know what you’re thinking, this will quite literally result in less fucks. LOL.

So tell me, what will you be allocating more or less fucks to in 2017? What’s great about the book is that it’s entirely down to you to decide what you care about and it addresses how best to allocate your fucks without being a dickhead or hurting anyone’s feelings. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Love love LOVE this post Lizi! :)
    It's so you. Really love reading your blog.
    I too jumped on the wagon of this book.. Had been on my list to read since summer last year, but never got round to it until last week and it really is a fab read! I'm on my second read. It's such an easy read and a book that I actually find myself nodding along too and questioning myself whilst reading! Haha! :)
    Love your list, so great points and definitely ones I can relate too!
    Hope there's some fucks on there for hot chocolates! :p