Setting goals for 2017

Setting goals for 2017
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Happy New Year!

And here we go again with that clich├ęd NEW YEAR, NEW ME post. But no, seriously, I need to sort my life out or I’ll be a half adult forever. And by half adult, I mean I pay bills and make my own lunch and stuff but still spend my Sundays watching YouTube rather than perusing B&Q/going to garden centres/doing whatever adults actually do on weekends.

Anyway. Hi, where the hell did 2016 go?

As years go, it was a pretty big fuck up on a global scale, but in my little bubble, it’s been OK. There were no major disasters. But the year seems to have lacked direction as I felt like I spent most of it winging it. Whilst I love to live in the moment, I’d prefer to wing my eyeliner than my entire life as let’s face it, I’m a control freak from hell at the best of times and need something to aim for.

Looking forward into 2017, I wanted to set out some personal goals as I need a little more guidance than simply ‘yolo’, which is where I was at this time last year. Also, writing them down makes me a tad more accountable than making a verbal contract with my besties on New Years Eve – mainly as those verbal contracts are a usually overly ambitious and have no plan of how to get from a to b.

Here’s what I want to do this year.

Arrange more fun stuff
When it comes to rewards, I’m basically like a puppy waiting for a treat after doing something right. Having things to look forward to at regular intervals (every 6 weeks or so does me fine) really helps keep me motivated as each one is treated as a mini-milestone. And I love treats. I’ve already booked a few gigs, comedy shows and weekends away so I’m feeling really optimistic for this one.

Do the fitness thing... better
LOL here we are again. I’ll be honest, I’m feeling like a whale in size and a sloth in personality right now so it’s now or never. I’ve lowered my expectations considerably from aspiring to look like a Jenner/Hadid/various other pop culture reference, to simply having to do a less vigorous skinny jeans dance every morning. And that’s achievable, right?

No more comparing successes
You know that thing we do where we compare ourselves to other people of the same age and feel like a failure? It needs to stop. The success of others is there to be celebrated and if what they’re doing has zero direct impact on my life, why should it make me feel inadequate? Eleanor Roosevelt once said ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent*’. And nobody has my consent.

*I can’t be the only one who learnt these wise words via Joe in The Princess Diaries, right?

Be happier
This might sound vague but stick with me on this. 2016 saw me recognising my triggers for highs and lows, seeing that both pass in phases and accepting that I wouldn’t be 100% all the time. Which was step one. I want 2017 to be the year that I work out how to pull myself out of those lows in a healthy way, whether I’m down due to the seasons, stress, fuckboys or anything else. My turning point here was a friend saying to me that I’ve seemed really unhappy and not myself for a couple of months, and that’s not the person I want to be.

Give something back
Here are just a few ways I want to continue to give back in 2017:
-   Continue to pay forward the generosity of brands who invite me to do reviews by buying a meal for the homeless
-   Sponsor friends who are doing things for charity, even if it’s only £5 I can afford at the time as knowing people support you is the biggest motivator
-   Give blood again. At my next donation I also plan to be tested to see if I’m eligible to donate platelets
-   Encourage other people to give blood, join the organ donation register and the bone marrow donation register

Stop waiting around for things
I think 2017 is my year to be more assertive, to go after what I want both personally and professionally and get them. I know I’m far from lacking in confidence but I want to be more proactive and move forwards rather than jogging on the spot. I mean, why the hell should I wait for the light at the end of the tunnel to appear when I can light it my God damn self?

So, it looks like 2017 is going to be a year of self love (anyone who sniggered at that, you are filth). What are your goals and resolutions? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Lizi, I love this post and I love you. I love your writing as it truly reflects you and your personality IRL. :)

    I don;t believe anyone is a true adult.. what is an adult anyways and who REALLY wants to be one. B&Q aint all that! Though hubby did just get a membership card, which is quite
    You have some amazing plans. I'm pretty similar in that I like being organised and having things in the pipeline. Monthly hot chocolate meets?lol
    Can't wait to follow your journeys and plans on social and here. It's going to be great! :)