How to ‘date yourself’

How to date yourself
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You know when you’re a generally half decent human and you date someone and you go above and beyond for that person? I feel like we don’t do that for ourselves so much.

2017 seems to be the year of ‘self love’. And no, I don’t mean every single gal is traipsing down to Ann Summers the moment January payday hits, I mean we’re looking after ourselves a bit more. Open discussions about mental health, girl bossing and hygge have been around for a while and the more we put those into action, the more we’re sorting our shit out for ourselves. And I like that.

As dating in 2016 was, for me, somewhat of a hit and miss experience, I wanted to put together a post about ways that single gals can date themselves. We all hear the whole ‘I want someone who will treat me like a queen’ rubbish all the time – it’s time to treat yourself like a God damn queen and stop waiting for someone else to do it for you.

1. Take yourself for brunch. Brunch is such an underrated meal. It’s the chance to go enjoy lovely food, which you don’t have to cook for yourself and if you want to eat with your phone in one hand and fork in the other, you just do it. Screw the no phones at meal times rule if you bloody well want to and spend your time scrolling to your heart’s content.

2. Go to the cinema. You don’t have to compromise on the film, there’s nobody to steal your snacks, what more could you ask for in life?

3. Head to a spa/hairdressers/beauty place. Dating other people is expensive, dating yourself means you can spend your hard earned dollar on someone pounding the knots out of your shoulders for an hour.

4. Find a new city or town and explore. We all know those places where someone once said ‘if you’re ever in [obscure location] go here’ – go there. Go find out what it’s like for yourself.

5. Buy yourself something indulgent. It doesn’t have to be a bank breaking indulgence (I’m not advocating a spontaneous Mulberry on your credit card), but something you want. Get yourself a bunch of beautiful flowers or a stack of coffee table books, just because.  

6. Netflix and chill. Except your Netflix can be your guilty pleasure film (Lizzie McGuire Movie, anyone?) and your chill is wrapping yourself up in your duvet on the sofa looking like a contented caterpillar.

7. Take a break from dating yourself and date your friends. Don’t reside your friendships to Whatsapp group chats and spend quality time with them when you can, whether it’s days out to local attractions or spending the afternoon drinking through a cocktail menu and putting the world to rights.

Do you have any ideas for gals wanting to date themselves? If you do, let me know in the comments as I want to hear them!

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