Food and flower crowns

Food and flower crowns
Dine Events Leeds Flower crown making

Blogging throws up a whole host of incredible opportunities but dining with Dine Events at The Mansion, Leeds, was an experience like no other. I was invited down to see the venue and have dinner and try my hand at making a flower crown with Twisted Willow Floristry recently and it really was a lovely way to spend a cold January evening.

Dine Events Leeds Twisted Willow Floristry - succulent

I’ve actually made a flower crown before using fresh flowers so I was keen to put those skills into practice again as I absolutely love that real-life Snapchat filter look. This time we had very wintery flowers with beautiful roses, lavender and rosemary amongst the bouquets we were using. I tried to keep mine fairly neat and in a pattern but when I saw how others had gone really big and bold, I wished I’d done something more dramatic!

Dine Events Leeds Flower Crown

Dine Events Leeds Table Setting

After we made our crowns and took the obligatory 20+ selfies, we went to dinner and had a stunning three course meal. I was slightly nervous when the starter was announced as a seafood risotto as I really don’t ‘do’ seafood, but I knew I had to try it – I mean, how often do you get to dine out like this?! I really surprised myself as I thoroughly enjoyed the scallops, soft shell and crab legs, all on top of a cheesy risotto. The food was incredibly tasty and was complimented by a delicious Pinot Blanc – it was so delicious, we were drinking it like water.

Dine Events Leeds Seafood Risotto

The main course was venison, a meat I don’t tend to eat that frequently. The meat was very rich and was served with lentils, smoked kale and chocolate jus. The main, whilst not large in portion size, was full of flavour and incredibly filling. I wouldn’t usually go for this kind of main course as it’s quite unfamiliar to me, but having tried it in this environment, it’s certainly opened my eyes to it. This course was served with a red wine but I passed on it – despite having done several wine tastings in the past, nothing will take away from nasty experiences drinking it aged 17.

Dine Events Leeds Venison main course

Last but certainly not least was dessert and it was ‘death by chocolate’ – my dream. We had dark chocolate and rosemary tart on orange sherbert with baked white chocolate and fennel icecream. Once we had been served, dry ice was poured over it to really enhance the flavours. Again, this was a very rich course, but who can say no to chocolate? The icecream was the perfect accompaniment as it was very delicate and it complimented the rich flavours.

Dine Events Leeds Death by Chocolate Dessert

We finished up with teas and coffees before heading home with full tummies. I would definitely recommend looking up Dine Events if you’re looking to book a special occasion as the food is on another level. Likewise, Twisted Willow Floristry are so incredibly knowledgeable about their craft and they can do absolutely anything.

What do you think of my flower crown? Are you impressed by my skills? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This looks like such a fab event! I love your flower crown, so gorgeous :) x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Aw this looks and sounds like a fab event. I always like it when brands/companies think outside the box with activities. :) The food does look good also though. :)
    I'm impressed with your CV of flower crown making. Side hobby? Wedding products?lol