The Solo Project #7 – Going to the cinema

Going to the cinema alone
Everyman Cinema Leeds

I’ve been saving this one until now as I’ve been counting down to Fantastic Beasts and where to find them coming out pretty much since it was announced. In fact, it’s almost like I’ve done my waiting. 12 years of it. In Azkaban.


People I know seem very divided on solo cinema trips. I know people who recoil in horror at the thought, I know others who absolutely love it and do it all the time. I was a bit mixed about this one when I first added it to the list as I’d simply never done it before. Not because I was terrified of the thought, simply because I’m not big into films and there was nothing that I’d been that desperate to see this year.

I was surprised when it didn’t feel weird at all. I decided to go to Everyman in Leeds as I’m all about watching films from a sofa and booked online to find that single seats were only allocated to the armchairs rather than sofas – I assume as nobody really wants to snuggle up to a stranger in the dark. I got there any my seat was in fact a sofa with a dividing cushion and the woman next to me were in the process of asking to move as she didn’t want to sit on a sofa next to a stranger (ie, me). Rather than taking offence, I did the entirely British thing of avoiding all eye contact and staying firmly on my side for the entire film.

The cinema staff didn’t even bat an eyelid that someone was there by themselves either. I was simply shown to my seat which was on the end of a packed row – so at the very least I didn’t look stood up. I think going to the cinema of all places by yourself, when it’s dark and doesn’t require any social interaction, is actually one of the easiest things to do alone. There’s no awkwardness as you’re sat concentrating on a film and if you time it right to arrive during the adverts rather than really early, you don’t even have to spend that much time scrolling before the lights go down. Also, if you have snacks, there’s nobody wanting to share yours. We all know that one person who says ‘no, I don’t want anything’ and the moment they sit down they’re dying of thirst and need to share your drink or actually they do fancy just a few/half your bag of chocolate buttons – Mummy Legge, I’m looking at you.

Going to the cinema alone is definitely something I’ll be doing again. In the past I’ve missed out on seeing films because I’ve not been able to pin down a place and time with friends to go, but from now on, I definitely won’t be missing out.

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