The Potting Shed – Bingley

The Potting Shed – Bingley
The Potting Shed Menu

It’s not exactly breaking news that I absolutely love festive food. In fact, I’m all in favour of pigs in blankets all year round, that’s a novelty which won’t wear off. Limited edition Christmas sandwiches though? Some of them are so terrible that one month a year is too much – in case anyone is interested, Tesco’s is not a hit.


The Potting Shed in Bingley has brought out a Christmas menu which is a far cry from your usual ‘hey look, we added turkey to our Sunday lunch option’. We’re talking a CHRISTMAS PIZZA. Turkey on a pizza with brie, stuffing and cranberry sauce is an absolute yes from me.

I was invited down to The Potting Shed to try out their menu and oh my Lord, it’s bloody good – and for those who are Leeds based, it’s about a 5min walk from Bingley station and 100% worth hopping on the train to get there. I went down with one of my best friends – I love having opportunities to try out new places and be able to take friends to experience it with me.

The food menu is pretty extensive all year round, not just at Christmas, with pizzas, burgers and even a ‘Yorkshire Burrito’ which is a roast dinner wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding. It’s all hearty food at reasonable prices and all really high quality, cooked fresh. We arrived and got a table in the window as it was a little chilly to sit in one of the sheds outside. Yes, actual sheds. That you can have your tea in. Just looking out at them made me dream of spending summer evenings outside with a pint of cider.

After browsing the menu and deciding we wanted pretty much all of it, we decided to share ham hock doughballs and cheesy garlic bread to start. Oh those doughballs were a game changer. They were cheesy and stuffed with ham hock, served with a tomato dip and I felt myself go to a carby heaven with every one. The garlic bread was delicious and home made, and as it was pizza sized, by the time we’d finished our starters we were hitting a light food coma – we realised afterwards that we’d gone overboard on the starters and had seriously underestimated the portion sizes.

Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza

Ham Hock Dough Balls

Our mains arrived and my friend Catherine had chosen the Yorkshire Burrito. There was absolutely loads of meat and she really enjoyed it – and I know that she has very high standards when it comes to roast dinners! The waitress was also happy to swap her parsnip chips for actual chips – are parsnip chips now a thing? Are they the new sweet potato fry? Answers on a postcard. I opted for the Christmas pizza as I wanted to really embrace the Christmas spirit. Whilst I was a bit unsure as I knew it was a fairly unusual flavour combination, I really enjoyed the pizza and turkey and stuffing worked surprisingly well. The shed pizzas are all home made too which really makes a difference – the quality is very high – and I was gutted that I was too full to finish it!

Christmas Pizza

Yorkshire Burrito

Overall, I was seriously impressed by The Potting Shed as I felt that the prices on the menu are pretty low given the portion sizes and the quality of the food. Their drinks menu is also extensive and we thought that the cocktail menu was particularly good – it’s the type of menu where it’s all really ‘drinkable’. Know what I mean? Some bars have overly fancy menus full of acquired tastes, whereas The Potting Shed has a massive list which is a crowd pleaser.

two martinis

I’d definitely recommend The Potting Shed over the festive season for delicious food and a really chilled place to spend your afternoon catching up with your friends. Whilst Bingley is a little while out of Leeds, it’s a cheap train ride and well worth heading out of the centre for the afternoon.

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  1. O.M.G This. Look. Amazing. My mouth is watering (plus I am soo hungry right now anyways...) I could literally demolish both of these right now!!!
    Both sound and look amazing. I love the Christmas pizza though. YUM!