Taking a break from Christmas shopping in Leeds

Cafes in Leeds city centre
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Christmas shopping is 100% stress when you’re taking on Leeds city centre on a Saturday. I mean, has anyone done any research into why the month of December makes people walk so slowly? It must be something in the advent chocolate that takes a brisk walk down to a snail’s pace.

Leeds is full of places which are perfect for taking a break from shopping and grabbing a bite to eat for that essential re-fuelling after you’ve taken on the horrors of Primark. Here are my top spots for coffee, cake and snacks.

This is a new spot in Trinity to take some time out. I was invited down to try their new menu and it’s a great budget option. I tried their mini-fritatta and it was the perfect small plate size for a mid-afternoon snack. They do bigger meals too, but it’s all fairly cheap and in a lovely setting, so it makes for a great shopping pit-stop. Their fridge full of cakes and pastries looked pretty damn delicious too, so it’s definitely somewhere to go instead of a chain coffee shop.

You can’t go wrong with Trinity Kitchen as it answers all your street food dreams. What I love about Trinity Kitchen is that no matter what time of day you go, there’s tonnes of seating and it doesn’t have that ‘shopping centre food hall’ feel at all. It’s perfect for group shopping trips as everyone can grab something different – just what you need if you’re a fussy eater.

This little cafe is a bit off the beaten track, so definitely somewhere that’s popular with locals in Leeds. If you’re down with communal tables, the food here is seriously good for both sweet and savoury. They support local businesses and it’s the perfect cosy place to sit and take some time out from the busy streets of Leeds. I’d definitely recommend the avo on toast (hi, I’m a blogger cliché).

Not a cafe as such but if you’re powering through your shopping and need a treat for when you finally make it home and put your feet up, head over to their stand in Victoria Gate. They sell approximately a million different types of brownie and they’re really reasonably priced for the dense chocolatey goodness that they are.

Where are your favourite places to stop by in Leeds? I’m forever on the lookout for independent places to try on a weekend which have a chilled cafe feel, rather than a bar which is full of hen parties on a Saturday. Let me know your faves in the comments.

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