My 2016 Highlights

My 2016 Highlights

You know every year when there are random generators of your best social media moments? Facebook filled mine with selfies and Instagram was more photos of avocado. Hi, I’m a blogger cliché.

Anyway, after a somewhat turbulent year on a global scale, I wanted to highlight some of my best bits of this year.

1. Voting remain. This is possibly one of the most important things I did this year and whilst the majority may have gone for Brexit, I know I made the right choice. I still remember the morning of the announcement when my office was like a morgue and it reassured me that whilst times ahead are very scary, I’m at the very least in good company.

2. Doing stuff by myself. This was a personal challenge for me in 2016 as towards the end of last year, I felt like I was missing out by spending my life waiting for that elusive plus one. So I did stuff by myself. I ate in restaurants, I tried new activities and I went on holiday. And it was great.

3. Pushing my own boundaries. My fear of the unknown and breaking routines used to control my life and whilst in recent years I’ve taken baby steps, this year, it’s been bigger leaps and bounds out of my comfort zone. I remember being 15 and too scared to go to Leeds with my friends. Now, I can happily go explore new cities without a second thought.

4. Trying new things. I’m lucky that my blog offers up a whole host of opportunities and this year they have become even more varied. I’ve eaten new cuisines, spent a day at a cookery school, created a flower crown and learnt different ways to make cocktails. It’s been a year where I feel as though I’ve learnt so many new things and I’m grateful for every brand which has given me an opportunity to do something different.

5. I broke the dating cycle. I’m sure other eternally single people like me are familiar with the ‘chat, date, dump/ghost/bench/shelf (delete as appropriate), back to the app’ cycle and the latter half of 2016 has seen me ditch it completely. I haven’t actually been on a date since February but it was around August when I stopped looking to meet people from the apps.

6. I worked out what I want to do with my career. This year I’ve been incredibly lucky to have not just worked for an amazing company but to have been continually mentored along the way. I’ve learnt one hell of a lot, developed new skills and I’m now confident that social media is where I want my career to be.

7. I ran. I hated it, but I did it. This year, I completed one 5k race and two 10k races and have the tshirts to prove it. All three were big achievements for me as I had very little confidence in myself that I would complete them but I did - and now I have two races lined up for next year.

8. I looked after my mental health. This year has been very much up and down but I’m now so much better at recognising triggers for both highs and lows. I learnt to accept that yes, there are times where I will be stressed and won’t feel at all together, but that’s OK. I also learnt to look at the bigger picture and it helped me see that no one good or bad time will ever be a permanent fixture.

9. My friendships got stronger. I’m lucky to have several friendship circles and all of them feel stronger than ever. I’m surrounded by incredible people who truly give a shit about the important things, people who I learn from and people who I’d go to the end of the Earth to help – and that is bloody important.

So cheers to 2016, may on a personal level it still have held some great things for everyone, even when the world is spinning out of control around us. Tell me your best bits in the comments and spread the love.

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