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This year, I haven’t actually done loads of Christmas shopping as I have a grand total of five people to buy for this year including my secret Santa, so I’m not really feeling the pressure in terms of having loads of gift ideas to think of. My main issue is whether to buy online or to brave central Leeds on a weekend. On the one hand, I can do it all from the comfort of my sofa, on the other... well, I want to feel festive! Here’s what happens every time you do Christmas shopping.

1. Starbucks. Because firstly, you need that red Christmas cup shot for Instagram and secondly, you’ll need those 500 calories worth of energy to get you round the shops. I mean, you’ll easily burn it off, right?

2. Realising you’ve forgotten your tote bag and you’re going to be bankrupt from the amount of 5p carriers you’re buying. It’s just not worth getting a nice carrier when you don’t have a PE kit to put in it.

3. Wandering round John Lewis and realising your personal space bubble is going to pop quite quickly.

4. Finding that the 2016 Christmas gift trend is everything with a letter on it and going to blogger heaven as who wouldn’t want everything with their initial on it?

5. Wondering why so many women bring their other halves to Boots with them when all they do is stand in the way and look bored.

6. When trying to decide on how best to use the Boots 3 for 2 offer to your advantage when choosing your secret Santa gift, you look sideways from your knelt down position and finding the crotch of an unsuspecting, in the way, other half in your eyeline.

7. Walking around all of the fanciest shops there are looking at Christmas decorations and then heading to Wilko to find practically the same thing for a pound and feel like you’re winning at life.

8. Finding that all the impressive Christmas decorations in town do is make people stop without warning to take a photo.

9. Being 100% smug when you find Christmas Yankee Candles on sale as yes your home can smell like ‘All is Bright’ all year round.

10. Staring lovingly at all of the Christmas stationary in Paperchase and wondering if you can justify a new notebook specifically for December.

11. Stopping off for a mid shopping trip mulled wine or three at the Christmas markets.

12. Trying to decide whether you can justify an elaborately decorated piece of gingerbread AND a chocolate dipped fruit skewer when you’ve already scoffed a Bratwurst at the Christmas markets during your shopping break.

13. Deciding to call it a day as there’s no point trying to find a Christmas party dress when you’ve got a food baby.

14. Getting home exhausted, knowing you have definitely burnt off your Starbucks and bulk ordering half of ASOS. Thank God for next day delivery. I mean, there's nothing better than being able to try everything on in your bedroom, whilst wearing the right knickers, your best tights and a pair of heels, right? Oh and you don't have to do that dance in the changing room where you try and hold the curtain closed with your foot so that you don't flash any unsuspecting shoppers as you change.

So will you be doing your Christmas shopping online or in stores this year? I love to make a day of it as there is nothing more satisfying than getting home, sitting on your living room floor with your bags all around you and going through everything you’ve just bought. It can’t just be me who does that, right?

(This post was written in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK but all thoughts, opinions, love of Christmas stationary and German market induced food babies are entirely my own. They've also been chatting about getting #PartySeasonReady here

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  1. Love this post!! As my initial is Y I can't really find anything with my letter on which sucks :( I am definitely one of those annoying people who stops randomly to take photos too haha! I think online shopping and a cup of tea is probably the best way forward :)

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five