The Body Shop – Christmas and new concepts

The Body Shop Leeds Concept Store Launch

I’m sure most people reading this will be familiar with The Body Shop as it’s a fairly prominent highstreet chain which we’ve grown up with since the days when bath pearls were popular. Does anyone else remember those? And is anyone else reminded of them every time they drink Bubble Tea? ....Probably just me on that one.

If you’re from Leeds, you may have noticed that The Body Shop has been boarded up for a while as they’re transforming their Briggate store into the first concept store in the UK. They’re going to have a whole new look and they’re doing personalised body butters – I’m sure everyone can imagine how excited I am about that as I love anything with my name on it.

I was invited to their event at Lambert’s Yard to hear all about what they’re going to be doing and to see their new Christmas range which is all jungle themed. I mean, #JungleBells is pun heaven for a social media nerd like me. As a long time fan of their body butter – nothing compares with the long-lasting scent and fruity deliciousness – I’m really excited that their new limited edition products are Frosted Berries and Spiced Apple. Frosted berries I’m all over as I love fruity, berry scents for beauty products, fragrances, candles, the lot. Spiced apple I was pleasantly surprised by as usually I prefer apples in pies rather than as a beauty products but I didn’t find the scent as overwhelming as I’d expected.

They also had a panda and a zebra. Because what's a party without a jungle theme?

On the night we also got to try out their beauty and skincare, with the help of their team. I feel like The Body Shop gets forgotten about when it comes to make up and it is 100% underrated. I’m totally sold on their quad palettes as they’re all about realistic colours. Let’s face it, usually when you get a palette, there’s always some weirdly obscure colour in it you’ll never use but The Body Shop ones are all totally wearable. I’ve now also been sold on gold eye-shadow which I haven’t been as big a fan off since I was a kid. I feel as though my smoky eye has had met a game changer. Their lip products are also not to be sniffed at as they're up there for quality.

Everyone knows that The Body Shop is cruelty free and whilst naturally that’s a massive deal that they’ll always promote, I feel as though with a new concept store, and more emphasis on their skincare and make-up, they’re going to become a go-to for those products across the entire market. In the last few years, Leeds has had some crazy developments going on, from Trinity, to Victoria Gate, to the indie scene and now it’s becoming a big enough shopping destination for stores like this to be opening here rather than in the capital. I’m so glad that the city is getting the recognition it deserves and that the North is becoming as much of a destination as London is.

The new look store opens on November 5th and I can’t wait to head down for a nosy – will you be popping in? Let me know in the comments.

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