First date spots in Leeds #2

First Date Spots Leeds

Back in September, I wrote about some great first date spots in Leeds, but I thought I’d do a bit of an updated version which is winter appropriate.

I’ve written about this place several times before as I bloody love it, but the bar rebrands itself every 3 months and this time is a Mountain Lodge. As they’re not focusing on a particular spirit this time, it’s more about the general vibe of being chilled, wintery and generally cosy. Oh and all that candlelight is like a real life Instagram filter – you can thank me later. I went to their launch night and I can recommend the Black Run Reviver if you like honey JD and instagramming your drink or The Grindelwald if you’re in need of some serious Dutch courage.

Again, a long time favourite of mine as it’s the only place in Leeds I’ve found to have a universally crowd-pleasing food menu. We’re talking gluten free, veggie friendly and it works for generally fussy eaters. As the interiors are pretty much what you’d imagine the set of the game Cluedo to be, there’s added cosiness with Chesterfield sofas, a library, pool table and that feeling of being somewhere home-y rather than in a restaurant. Also, their happy hour is excellent.

Definitely a hidden gem at the bottom of Call Lane, but I just love the place. I personally wouldn’t put it up there as a first choice but that’s only because people from my work go there so frequently we may as well class it as a meeting room. However, if you don’t work with me, Rolands is just a crowd-pleaser with a decent range of drinks and nothing pretentious.

I’ve heard that men like girls who eat so trying the newest Brazilian in Leeds is a great idea, right? Unlike Fazenda which is pretty pricey, Bossa is fairly reasonable, so nobody feels totally obliged to eat until they have the meat sweats. It’s a great environment if you want a pretty leisurely meal, the staff are very chilled and it’s something a little different.

This is a little off the beaten track, but an easily walkable distance from Leeds city centre. If you or your date are big into beer, this is the ideal location as there are so many different brews on offer. If you’re not into beer, I can vouch for the house white going down nicely too. The staff are really knowledgeable and they always seem to be selling something you won’t get in a mainstream bar – there are a lot of local beers here too.

So that’s my updated list of first date spots in Leeds, where would you recommend for some winter dating?

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