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BonPrix Black Lace Wrap Dress
spirits for cocktail making

I think this is my first outfit post in approximately forever! Usually I don’t do much fashion stuff as I’m assuming nobody is going to be all that inspired by my day to day skinnies/Nikes/stripy jumper combination (we’ll call it a capsule wardrobe) but when I was not only invited to party with BonPrix but given a dress to wear, well, it would be rude not to. Oh and I straightened my hair and everything. 10 points to me for making an effort.

I’ve actually been after a black, long sleeved wrap dress since approximately October 2015. This dress is exactly what I was looking for last year for the party season (I settled for a black lace, slash neck skater with ¾ sleeves), so I was pretty damn excited to find it on their site. As I’m far from peak body confidence right now, this dress ticked a lot of boxes with having long sleeves, though it was perhaps a bit shorter than what I’d usually go for. Never the less, a non-gaping v-neck and a wrap skirt was definitely more flattering than your standard fitted dress.

black lace wrap dress

Bonprix is on the lower end of the budget scale – you can pick up a decent dress for less than £40. I’d say that their style isn’t full scale Topshop in the fashion stakes (thank God as when the hell did Topshop get so out there?*), and it’s wearable fashion. It’s the type of clothes you’re going to look back on in a year or two and think ‘yeah I looked good’, not like when I look back at my 16 year old self wearing a bright green satin bubble dress from New Look. Yeah, yeah, circa 2008 fashion was questionable. A lot of the dresses are the type that would become your ‘go-to’ dress for those evenings out when you hate everything in your wardrobe and need that one dress you can rely on to look good every time. And I need more of those dresses in my life.

So, BonPrix threw a party for us bloggers at Malmaison in Leeds which is an absolutely beaut city centre hotel (I’d recommend their Sunday lunch to anyone). We had photos taken upon arrival which was the dream as I never have anyone to take outfit shots for me – if anyone has a spare Instagram husband, please send them my way, I need one. We then headed upstairs for drinks, a cocktail making class and even more photo taking. You can spot a group of bloggers when they start rearranging furniture to get ‘that shot’. That and you can clearly tell when we spot a camera...

cocktail making

cocktail making

cocktail shaking

lighting orange peel

straining cocktail into martini glass

Whilst I know a lot of people who get dressed up either on a daily basis because why the hell not, or because they go ‘out’ out a lot, as someone with a emotional ties to my onesie of an eve, this was such a lovely opportunity to get dressed up and see a load of beautiful people. Sadly after several too many cocktails and taking a minor** tumble on my way to Call Lane, I called it a night pretty early and headed off home in an Uber.

So, thank you to BonPrix for putting on such a great night for us bloggers and for introducing me to a new brand which I’ll definitely be shopping from in the future! Also, thank you to the guy who did the cocktail making with us as he was a babe.

*It’s official, I’m old.

**Grazed knees at 24 is quite frankly embarrassing.

(All photos are copyright of Search Laboratory, I was too busy drinking wine to take good photos)

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  1. Loved this post! So funny. You looked amazing! I love reading the posts and going right back to the evening :) Tina x