Bonfire night in essentials

Bonfire night in essentials
Burts Chips Firecracker Lobster crisps

Am I the only one that doesn’t really ‘do’ bonfire night? Whilst I love the idea of standing in a muddy field ruining my best Nikes heading out and hanging around a fire with a few sparklers on the go, it’s just not really been my bag since I was a kid. Aside from my fear for the hedgehogs which see the unlit bonfires and think it’s their new home and move in (in case anyone forgets, CHECK YOUR BONFIRE. Our prickly friends don’t know you’re about to set their house on fire), I’m actually a bit pathetic when it comes to fireworks. What can I say? The time when one of those massive fireworks exploded in my garden back when I was a kid has stuck with me.

However, as I live on the 5th floor of a an apartment block which faces the direction of Roundhay Park in Leeds, I can actually see the biggest local bonfire from my sofa. And that also means I can see a full scale fireworks display from my sofa. Can you see why I stay in on bonfire night? Call me a spoil sport but hands up who’s going to be cosy and not smelling of smoke? That would be me! As bonfire night is still a big deal, I wanted to put together my essentials list for a bonfire night in.

Hot chocolate
Because, duh. It’s practically Christmas already and I’m all about that cosy vibe. Also, it’s so easy to pick up sachets of different flavours now, that are super cheap. I tend to go for Cadbury highlights as they’re low calorie but still sweet and chocolatey.

Blanket wrap
To get the full effects of fireworks on bonfire night, I tend to keep my balcony doors open and then wrap up warm inside. I know everyone always harps on about how amazing blanket wraps are from Zara, I’m all about the Primark life. I still have one from last year which is a burgundy/Aztec design but I’m eyeing up a new checked one which I’ll be able to leave at work for chilly Monday mornings. Plus, in Primark they’re a tenner so you’ve essentially saved yourself £20 to spend on snacks and treats.

Crisps and dip
I LOVE crisps and dip. It’s something that I’ve only really embraced in maybe the last year or so. I’d recommend buying one of those dip selections where you’re a little unsure of what each of them actually contain but you end up risking it anyway and some posh crisps. We’re talking actual crisps, not some weird ‘healthy yet actually deep fried’ vegetable crisps. I’m currently loving the new and improved flavour by Burts Chips* which is ‘Firecracker Lobster’. It’s a bit like a sweet chilli prawn cocktail flavour and they’re all kind of fancy.

Well, I’ve got to have a small scale fire, right? Though at least my flat will smell more like fresh linen and less like an actual bonfire/roasted hedgehog.

Something to watch
Everyone seems to be really into either The Walking Dead, The Missing or starting early on Christmas films at the moment. Personally, I’m still into watching Zoella and Jim Chapman on YouTube. Each to their own. Find something good to watch and binge to your heart’s content.

Good vibes only
Whether you spend the evening putting the world to rights in a group chat, play ‘Shout out to my ex’ on repeat or embrace some mindfulness, it’s a night in to have all the chill and zero drama. #Namaste etc.

What will you be doing this bonfire night? Do you read this and want to drag me out so I can truly experience bonfire night or do you want to come round and watch vlogs with me? Let me know in the comments.

*Though Burts Chips did send me some crisps to try, as ever, my opinions are entirely my own and I can assure you they are bloody lovely.

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  1. Can I do both? Because I actually adore Bonfire Night but it can get so freezing cold! You have the best of both worlds being cosied up inside and being able to see the fireworks.

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX