An introduction to MyShowcase

An introduction to MyShowcase
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When it comes to beauty, it is a little baby-step out of my comfort zone. Whilst I know what I like, I struggle to write about it as I just haven’t tried enough products in one go to see them side by side. I’ve never been particularly intimidated by beauty counters as I like to think at the very least the people working on them are marginally more clued up than I am, and if you can differentiate between advice and sales speak, you’re generally OK. Though saying that, as I walked through Boots earlier, I was struggling to work out whether some of them had done their makeup for the Halloween weekend or if they were quite simply a little more adventurous than your average person (ie, me).

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What really overwhelms me is the actual make up stands where I have to go work it out for myself without any guidance. You can read all the blogs in the world about what products are best but unless the writer has your exact skin-tone and skin type, it’s not actually that helpful. Unless you’re recommending Rimmel’s Kate Moss 107 lipstick as we all know that everyone needs that in their make-up bag.

I was recently introduced to MyShowcase which is a beauty service that’s different to anything I’ve heard before. It’s a bit like how Ann Summers run their parties, but you substitutes bullets and sexy sailor outfits for beauty and skincare products. A stylist comes to your house, they talk you all through a load of products and in the comfort of your own home, you can try them all out. Which in all honesty is far more appealing than trying to fight my way through the long-suffering and permanently in the way men, who are forced to endure Boots on a Saturday with their girlfriends.

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I met Emma who is a MyShowcase Stylist and she’s essentially the ultimate #GirlBoss. She went from working in the engineering industry to having kids and deciding that spending a lot of her time away from home just wasn’t the lifestyle she wanted any more. This was when she set up her own business with MyShowcase and she now she can work as a host but also fit it in around being a mum. I’d say that’s nailing it.

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MyShowcase is about supporting up and coming brands, rather than just having one range (this makes them different to the Avons of this world), so it’s definitely about trying new brands which have been tried and tested by industry professionals. I love this as it’s a company which gives smaller brands a platform to get their products in front of a massive audience. Neom, which is a beauty brand originally from Harrogate, is with MyShowcase and now has a store in Victoria Gate, Leeds. MyShowcase seriously helps smaller brands get into the beauty market. The product ranges are incredibly varied in both what they offer, who they’re suited to and their price point so it’s definitely a ‘something for everybody’ situation. I love the idea of having a low pressure environment in which to shop as when you’re the type of person who uses a grand total of two skincare products, you need a little guidance and a lot of patience. Also, you can spend your night drinking prosecco at the same time and who doesn’t love that?!

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If you’re seriously into beauty or just in need of a beauty over-hall, I’d highly recommend Emma as she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to both skincare and cosmetics and if you want to hear more, get in touch with her! 

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