A Christmassy Wishlist

A Christmassy Wishlist
Living in a flat means my dedication towards Christmas is somewhat... limited. Don’t get me wrong, I like feeling festive as much as your average blogger, but my shoebox sized one bed doesn’t have oodles of storage so I wanted to do a Christmas wishlist of stuff which is more ‘seasonal’ for winter, so you can get that Christmas vibe without a fully fledged grotto. Plus if I get any more of what my mum calls ‘clutter’, she may disown me. Apparently at 24, it’s still not too late.

Here’s some bits and pieces which are perfect for keeping that winter theme going right through to February, without feeling like you’ve gone past the 12 days of Christmas bad luck rule. Oh and chocolate? Let's face it, it won't be around forever.

Christmas Wishlist

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  1. Get the bedding. Matalan brushed cotton duvet sets are just warmth and snuggly! I am living proof! :)
    We have two checked one similar to this, a white and grey for through most of the year, or up until December, then through December we have it in a red check for Christmas! :)
    Those metallic glasses are lovely.. clicking.. :P