What I love about Autumn

What I love about Autumn
starbucks cup and leaves

I bloody love Autumn. Normally I would have started embracing the season last month but September seemed to go through an identity crisis and whacked out a mini heatwave which wasn’t quite what I anticipated. October however has got it’s shit together and brought everyone the cooler climes you’d expect in Autumn and I’m more than a little excited about it. Here’s what I love about the season.

1. It becomes jumper weather. As you may or may not have noticed, I adore jumpers, preferably with an excessive amount of stripes. I’m also becoming a sweatshirt person and I have two in my wardrobe waiting to come out when the weather gets a little cooler.

2. It’s a fresh start time of year. Despite having been out of education for over three years, it’s these months which feel like the start of the year to me, more so than January ever does. It makes me want to make positive changes.

3. I can finally stop complaining about how much I hate hot weather. Thankfully I’m the type to hate hot weather consistently throughout the year, rather than just bitch about whatever season it is, and as Autumn hits, my general whinging decreases, which is excellent news for everyone around me.

4. Saying goodbye to summer shoes makes me cheery. Not one to be an absolute killjoy but summer sandals are high maintenance in terms of keeping your feet looking fresh, toenails permanently painted and blisters non-existent. That type of effort does not come with trainers.

5. Everyone loses their tan and I stop sticking out like a sore thumb/ghost in photos with my bronzed friends. #SorryNotSorry for never achieving a darker shade of Caspar the friendly ghost no matter how much sunlight I see.

6. Instagram goes insane. Because who doesn’t need to see a photo of me with my new winter boots, kicking my way through the fallen leaves, with my nails painted a berry tone as I clutch a Starbucks takeout cup?

7. Winter shopping is the most fun in the world. Give me all of the chunky scarves, leather boots and all burgundy everything.

8. We can start thinking about Halloween and *whispers* Christmas. Whilst it’s a sad situation to be thinking of the C-word this early on due to budgeting for the occasion, feeling a little nostalgia warming your heart is never a bad thing.

9. Having evenings in with your friends become more viable when you know that you won’t all overheat from cramming yourself into someone’s studio flat for the night. Who wouldn’t want to sit around in their comfies putting the world to rights with Strictly on in the background?

10. Candles. I adore candles and evenings in when it’s dark outside spent with them flickering around me makes me so relaxed and content. I know that a lot of people don’t like the dark mornings and early nights but think of it as you’re experiencing every single moment of daylight, rather than missing it through being asleep.

This is why I’m loving Autumn, what do you love about this glorious season? Let me know in the comments! (BRB off to Starbucks).


  1. I love Autumn too, and absolutely know what you mean about it being a "fresh start" time of year - it's also my birthday too so this is highlighted to me even more! You can't beat being snuggled up with candles and hot chocolate...

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  2. Yes yes yes, to all the above. I am an all year round jumper wearer.. but this season and Winter, I really come into my own! lol :p
    I'm not so happy about losing my tan.. My Fake Bake is shouting at me and WILL be used.lol
    I complain, but love the darker evenings and snuggling up and drinking ALL the hot chocolates! :)