The Cocktail Experience – Leeds

The Cocktail Experience – Leeds

I bloody love cocktails. I love finding new ones, I love taking photos of them, I love drinking them and I love that they leave me drunk ordering a Christmas party dress from New Look. What can I say? Wednesday night was a success for me.

Needless to say Thursday morning, sitting at my desk eating a Tesco meal deal for breakfast at 9am the next morning wasn’t exactly a high point. But moving on.

revolucion de cuba cocktail

The Cocktail Experience is a new event which is taking place in Leeds on the 14th of October at the Aspire which is an events space right near the station. The Cocktail Experience has brought together some of my absolute favourite bars in Leeds for the night, so you pay £15 for a ticket, get two cocktails included in that price and then for the rest of the nights drinks are all a fiver. Each bar will be serving a couple of different drinks so there’s plenty of variation going on throughout the night.

callipo cocktail

cocktail with flower

If like me, you’re a cocktail fan and love all things fancy, you’ll know that it’s very good value for money as a lot of the bars who are there usually have prices starting at around £7.50. Plus, it’s all in one place so you don’t end up having to do the trek from Call Lane to the Headrow which the biggest effort when you’re a tad tipsy. (Can you tell I went to university in Huddersfield where everything is a 5 min walk from each other? In Leeds I have to commit to one end of town out of sheer laziness).

So, the bars involved are:
-        The Maven
-        The Botanist
-        Sandinista
-        Pintura
-        Manahatta
-        Brotherhood
-        The Hedonist Project
-        Revolucion de Cuba
-        Sky Lounge
-        Oracle
-        The Alchemist
-        Malmaison

Grey Goose vodka will also be there too but as a brand, not a bar. I’ve already been to most of these bars in Leeds so I know that they’re very good at mixing drinks! Revolucion de Cuba as I’m sure everyone who reads this blog knows is one of my firm favourites, likewise The Hedonist Project who I’ve also blogged about before.

havana club tin can cocktail

the botanist cocktail

My personal fave drink of the night was the White Cosmo by The Alchemist as it had a flower frozen into a ball of ice which slowly melted as you drank it. I also tried making a couple of my own cocktails with The Botanist and Malmaison which was really fun.

white cosmo the alchemist

I don’t want to list all the drinks which are available as I’m going to the event itself on the 14th October so I’ll be most likely writing up another post then. 

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