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Bloggers Blog Awards
Bloggers blog awards booklet and camera

If you’ve watched my vlog (WHICH YOU CAN FIND HERE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH IT), you’ll have seen that last weekend I went to the Bloggers Blog Awards and it was bloody brilliant.

What I love about the awards is that it’s for bloggers, by bloggers – well, one blogger in particular did the arranging and that’s the lovely Hayley, and she had a whole load of volunteers helping out/stopping her going crazy too. Usually with awards, they’re in London or you can only go if you’re nominated or you only get to vote from a shortlist. Hayley’s awards are up north (yay for Leeds!), anyone can buy a ticket and anyone can be nominated before the shortlisting begins. And I like that. I also like that it’s for charity.

I bloody love hanging out with bloggers and having a good few hours of chill time to sit and chat was a luxury you don’t often get at events as you’re there to ‘do stuff’. Here, we could sit around between the awards, have someone on hand to take outfit shots against the best stretch of brick wall you can find and generally catch up.

Also, it’s an opportunity to dress up and for once I ditched the skinnies/stripes/Nikes combo and wore a dress. AN ACTUAL DRESS. Who knew. This one is from New Look and I absolutely love it. I love the wrap front (though this was pinned to avoid flashing people), I love that it’s a skater skirt, I love that it has sleeves and I love that it is lace. In fact, this dress screams ‘yes you can wear it out for dinner for Christmas Eve as it’s suitable festive and will conceal your food baby’. For £23, I feel like I’ve won at life.

New Look maroon wrap dress against brick wall

A couple of people who I not only voted for but nominated in the first place won awards which made me bloody happy. First up, Mike was repping it for the guys and won Best Food Blogger – having worked in an office with him and experienced his baking, I can assure everyone that this is 100% deserved. Secondly, Vix Meldrew, who’s blog has been a long time fave of mine, won Best Dating and Relationship Blogger by an absolute landslide. It’s so lovely to see the people who’s blogs you love getting recognised for their work – though every blogger there came to show their support and that says one hell of a lot about the community.

group blogger selfie
Photo Credit: Lucinda

This post has been fairly short and sweet but I want to just shout out to Hayley and say THANK YOU. You brought a wonderful group of people together and we all really appreciate the hard work and sheer stress which went into the awards.

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  1. It was a bloomin' good day/evening! Was lovely to see you, as always and get chance to chat, plus you looked AMAZING in your dress! Such a pretty dress too. Definitely you. :)
    I wasn't aware of some of the winners, but I'll definitely had a good read of so many new blogs since and was nice to meet some new people too. :)