The 90s tag

The 90s tag

I don’t usually do ‘tag’ type posts but I saw this being done on YouTube and oh my God, ALL of the nostalgia came rolling right in. I was born in 1992 so I was definitely a proper ‘90s kid’ and now I look back, I actually really pity kids today as what they have is nowhere near as good. I mean, what’s a childhood without a Kinder Egg where the plastic capsule actually splits into two?

Favourite Disney film
This has to be The Lion King for me. Whilst I may spend a lot of time proclaiming my hate for Disney and that it is for children (true story), I’m still not over Mufasa. I remember being at my aunty’s house in Bristol the first time I watched it and I was really poorly and cried so much I was sick. So that’s a lovely image for you there.

Favourite band or singer
I absolutely LOVED the Spice Girls. My dad bought my sister and I matching union jack mini dresses when we were on holiday in London so naturally we wore them on the train home. He also bought me an elephant hat which had massive ears, a trunk and tusks (it became primary school legend). So if everyone wants to imagine 7 year old me in my union jack dress and an elephant hat in Kings Cross station, that would be great.

Favourite sweet
Dib dabs! These were my absolute favourite and I think they still exist. They’re the packets of sherbert you get with a red lolly and they were essentially pure sugar. I also loved Tazzos before they were rebranded as ‘caramel Freddos’ and Astros before they just disappeared completely.

Favourite toy
Mr Bucket was definitely a favourite when I was really little – it was a plastic bucket that moved around popping balls out the top of it and I think the aim was to get them all inside. When I was a bit older, my dad also taught me chess and checkers, both of which I got obsessed with. I love the classic 90s games like Kerplunk and Buckaroo which have probably been modified to stop them being a choking hazard now.

Favourite McDonalds Happy Meal toy
Mini TY beany babies! Does anyone else remember these? They were like miniature version of actual TYs - which it turned out, never actually came off as the best investment you could ever make with your holiday money as they never suddenly gained a load of value. Who knew?

Favourite book
I absolutely loved Enid Blyton when I was younger and I remember reading all of The Twins at St Clares books in my local library and I still have the full set now (which I bought, I didn’t just keep them from the library). I also loved Jacqueline Wilson, which when I look back, actually covered a lot of fairly dark topics. When it comes to reading though, Sabrina's Secrets was where it was at. Who didn't love that plastic purple make-up case where you could store all of your hair mascara and shimmer eye shadow to your heart's content?

Favourite clothing store
Well, I’d love to say it was Tammy but all of my clothes came from C&A, back when they still had shops here. I did get into New Look pretty quickly after we got one in York though but that must have been early noughties when I was a bit older? I can tell that the 90s are back though as I recently bought a sweatshirt and my mum told me ‘that’s the kind of thing you wore when you were 7’. That means it’s cool, right?

Favourite TV show
There were so many TV shows I loved! Obviously, everyone watched Arthur as it was the first thing on when you got in from school, but I remember being obsessed with The Queen’s Nose, Bernard’s Watch and The Ghost Hunter. The Ghost Hunter was the one on CBBC about a shoe shine boy ghost and him trying to stop all of the ghosts being captured by the ghost hunter and it was bloody terrifying. I much preferred shows like those to things like Smart or Art Attack as who the hell just happens to have everything available to make all that stuff?! Oh and I loved Blue Peter and I’m the proud owner of two Blue Peter badges. #Smug. Does anyone else remember the Home Farm Twins? I was also obsessed with that.

So that's the 90s tag! Let me know your answers in the comments!

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  1. I bloody loved Smart and Art Attack!! Never made anything 3D but copied ALL of the drawing techniques - as you can imagine! Potentially pushed me in the right direction when it came to degree choice?

    Also Bernard's Watch was AMAZING!