Naked burritos

Naked Burrito Recipe
Naked Burrito Bowl

I’m not normally big on posting recipes on here, not because I can’t cook (LOL questionable), but mainly because I’m terrible at presenting food at home. My bad. But as my speciality is Mexican, due to it being the easiest thing in the world to make, I thought I’d actually share this little recipe for a naked burrito.

As I’m all about the healthy lifestyle (occasionally), I’ve tried to make this a little better than your usual cheese/sour cream/carb loaded fajitas. Whilst a meal without cheese can be a little sad, I’m trying to keep it to good fats and carbs, rather than the cheddar and tortilla wrap life. I’m throwing together chicken, vegetables, salsa, guacamole and rice for a dish which is all about ticking off your five a day, without feeling like you’re eating rabbit food. This is also a really good option for anyone on Weightwatchers or Slimming world as all you need to do is take out the guacamole and you have a very low syn/point meal going on.


For the salsa, you will need...
3x Cherry tomatoes, diced
¼ Red pepper, finely diced
½ Red onion, finely diced
1x drizzle of olive oil

Mix ingredients together. Done.

For the guacamole you will need...
1x small, ripe avocado
Diced red onion (as much as you fancy)

Peel it, dice it, mash it, mix it. Done.

For the rice you will need...
Mexican rice. I went for Tilda’s Mexican Chilli and Bean steamed basmati rice as it covers off both the rice and beans you’d usually have in a burrito.

Microwave for two minutes. Done.

For the fajitas you will need...
1-2 chicken breasts (depends how hungry you are)
¼ Red, yellow and green peppers
½ onion
Fajita spice

Brown off the chicken in a pan over the hob, using a little oil/Frylight. Add your diced peppers and onion along with the fajita spice. Stir regularly and keep on the heat until chicken is cooked through.

Once you've cooked everything, made everything, microwaved your rice, stick it all in a dish and enjoy the nakedness of your burrito. It's so easy, so healthy and it looks surprisingly impressive. Nailed it.

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