How to spot a blogger

How to spot a blogger
bloggers taking photos of drinks in red cups

After 3 ½ years of blogging, I can now spot a blogger a mile off. Honestly, I’m surprised David Attenborough hasn’t done a documentary about wild bloggers going about their daily business an quite frankly, standing out like a sore thumb a lot of the time. Here’s how to spot a blogger:

1. The camera. It will always be one of those cameras that looks expensive, you’d shit yourself about dropping it if you were ever asked to hold it and they’re usually around their neck as let’s face it, it’s a bit bulky for your average clutch.

2. The portable charger. Because, duh. Especially as most events are weekday  evenings, it’s you’ll often sit down at an event and have everyone plug themselves into a portable charger as we all know that iPhones have a battery life of three seconds.

3. They may well be stood in the middle of a road. And that’s not just a quiet road, there’s probably traffic which is expected to stop whilst you get that perfect outfit shot.

4. They may also be stood in front of a brick wall or someone else’s front door. Did you really think that those fancy London bloggers actually have swanky Kensington townhouses? Nah, that’s a random street and a random front door they’re stood in front of having just got changed in a car. Classy.

5. Great floors are their Instagram porn. It’s not uncommon to see a blogger taking a photo of their feet on a fancy floor. #GridLife

6. They help each other out. Whether it’s shining an iPhone torch over their friend’s food so they don’t have to use the flash, or standing over them to take a human flatlay, a blogger will have your back.

7. Speaking of food, they know not to eat it at an event until everyone’s got the photos they need. As, y’know, priorities.

8. The native cry of a blogger is ‘What is the wifi password?!’. Listen out for it.

9. They may well be speaking to their camera or phone. Whether they’re also a vlogger, updating their Snapchat or uploading to their Instagram story, that monologue is important.

10. The drinks in hand are always the prettiest and held in the hand which has the better nails. Asking the bar staff for a cocktail which will look great in photos, without actually caring what’s in the drink isn’t uncommon.

11. They’re always laughing. Well, if the bloggers are found in Leeds, they tend to be anyway.

So, that’s how to spot a blogger. Do you have any more tips to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hahaha! Love this post Lizi.. Many many (ALL) truths. :)
    4, 7 and 10 are my faves and since I'm classy myself as an honoury Leeds blogger, I'll go with 11 too. :)


  2. Ah this was such a fun and witty post. I can totally relate to your thoughts! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog