Clown pranks? Really?

UK clown pranks

Unless you’ve been hiding from the news recently, you’ll probably have seen that there are ‘killer clown’ sightings going on in the UK. It started in America with a lot of threats from ‘clowns’ that they were going to target schools, a fair few people got hurt and now it’s come over to the UK.

And people think it’s a joke.

I’m sorry, what?

Call me a killjoy but as a single woman, I shouldn’t fear going out at night in case a bump into a circus runaway. Don’t get me wrong, I fear muggers, rapists and murderers, (all things I shouldn’t have to worry about but I do, and all of which make me hold my keys in one hand and rape alarm in the other), but I shouldn’t have to be scared of someone having ‘a joke’. The clown bit isn't the problem for me, it's the covered face and their intentions - whether their intention is scaring for 'bants' or to conceal their face because they're about to stab you. Let's face it, it's bad enough that we have to fear the Sideshow Bobs of this world, without Krusty joining in too.

There have been incidents of kids doing it for a joke as well. Boys as young as 12 were stopped by the police in York only this week for running around in clown masks and scaring the general public. Whilst I get that parents can’t control their kids the entire time, but that only makes me pity them for spawning such little shits. Hopefully being taken home by the police might have taught them a lesson, but who knows.

Youtuber Ashley Symes decided to get in on the action and ‘film a clown prank’. Firstly, when you can see a nation responding with sheer terror, why be that dickhead who does it for views? Secondly, he apparently only targeted young people as older people ‘might have heart conditions’. Oh, did I miss the part where being a Youtuber qualifies you to judge someone’s medical history from a single glance? You don’t know if that person is going to break down in front of you in a panic attack, whether in their hurry to get away from you will run out in front of a car or whether they will turn round and kick the shit into you. (To the guy Ashley targeted who responded by headbutting him, you are a bloody hero as he deserved it.)

So, if anyone reading this is planning on running round in a clown mask, please reassess your life choices and choose not to be a knob. Intimidating people isn’t a joke. 

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  1. This whole situation is horrible! Only tonight I called my mum when I got into my car after meeting a friend because I was worried about seeing a clown. It isn't funny at all! In my university city, a very similar thing happened and I wouldn't stay in my house alone for's such a mean thing to do.

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