Celebrating the #GirlBoss

Celebrating the #GirlBoss
Kvinde zine

There are a lot of women out there right now doing incredible things. In a world where shit regularly hits the fan in a massive way (you only have to scroll the news sites for your daily dose of horror stories), seeing women working to do things which are great is something I want to celebrate.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by incredibly strong women both in the blogger community and in the digital world around Leeds. I’m incredibly fortunate to work for a company that not only has gender equality but celebrates it and encourages it. A team from my office are behind the campaign She Does Digital which is all about encouraging women to get into the digital industry, which can often be dominated by men. Gender divides start pretty early on in life and that leads to subject choices which shape degree choices and suddenly the male to female ratio on courses which include web development and coding are far from balanced. Now though those barriers are breaking down, slowly but surely, more women are coming into tech.

It’s not just about breaking down gender barriers in the office either. Outside of work, I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by bloggers who do things which are incredible, just because. They’re the bloggers who use their influence to raise money for charity, to help the homeless without jumping through hoops but by going direct and handing them the food they need to survive. Whilst a lot of people might be shouting about how bloggers get everything given to them on a plate for free, it’s probably time to recognise that some bloggers do one hell of a lot of their own backs for the good of others. Let’s face it, whether it’s the Bloggers Blog Awards or a Pinterest Party, I think people forget when slating bloggers that we’re often the first to put our hands in our pockets for a good cause.

The most recent incredible #GirlBoss achievement I’ve seen is the launch of Kvinde, a zine written and created by a whole host of female contributors, edited by my lovely friend Amy and designed by my lovely friend Danielle. I mean, because having full time jobs and a life outside of work isn’t enough of a balancing act, right? These women created an actual, physical zine. Nobody asked them to, they did it because they wanted to create a place for women to have a voice. It’s 28 pages celebrating female talent and they even threw a launch party which sold out before I had chance to get a ticket (the FOMO struggle that night was real). I would highly recommend making a purchase of Kvinde as not only is it an excellent read but it’s beautiful and makes for excellent Instagramming. Plus all of the proceeds are going to Inkwell Arts.

I’m loving the fact that right now I’m surrounded by women who are not only feminists but they’re actively making a difference. They’re spending their time making positive changes and it’s something we should all feel empowered by and something I’m forever going to support.

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