Autumn bedroom wishlist

I bloody love Autumn. It is absolutely, 100% my favourite season. This may make me basic AF but I'm all about layers, knitwear, maroon and seasonal drinks which feel like diabetes in a takeout cup. #SorryNotSorry. Despite it being my all time fave time of year, last year the winter blues hit me pretty damn hard so I'm trying to embrace the change in seasons as much as I possibly can so that when dark mornings truly hit, it won't be as hard. I like to think of it as seeing the entire day as you see every hour of light. Autumn Bedroom Wishlist

I put together this little Autumn-inspired bedroom wishlist as I love all things cosy but still fairly fresh - so we're talking rich tones with bed linen but then fresh scents with candles and diffusers. There is nothing I love more than that cold morning smell when you open your window first thing and you're think 'shit it's cold today'. That smell, know what I mean? I tried to keep all of these items pretty budget-friendly as unless you're Zoella, who the hell can afford a full interior design mix up as soon as the weather turns - certainly not me! The more expensive bits (like the tripod light, oh hello you sexy thing) are a bit more timeless... well that's my justification for including them anyway! I also included a notebook in this as I've started remembered work stuff in the night and I think it would be better for my mind to write notes down rather than email myself at 3am!

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6. Mirror

Let me know what you think of my Autumn bedroom wishlist in the comments!

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  1. Love your picks.
    Matalan do bedding perfectly. Especially their brushed cotton range! It's so snuggly!
    Loving that tripod light too.. I'd love something like that in our spare bedroom..