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As someone who is not an overly touchy-feely type, booking in for a massage on my day off was putting more than just a toe out of my comfort zone. Somehow I managed to make it to the age of 24 without ever having one as when I’ve been to spas, I’ve always opted for facials. The combination of being fairly ticklish in general and a bit self conscious when it comes to stripping off in front of others, it was something I never really fancied trying. Even getting used to having a therapist touch my face and shoulders took a fair while for me to train myself into not giggling or flinching.

A lot of my friends are big fans of going for a massage and after a bit of reassurance from my bestie that no, it’s not embarrassing, no, you don’t get naked and yes, they see women of all shapes and sizes every single day, I decided to book one for my day off. I know, the big decisions in my life really are momentous. I booked into Q61 which is in Leeds city centre and after having been before for a facial I thought that at least in a familiar setting, I might be a bit more chill about the situation.

Needless to say, on the morning of, I had ZERO chill as I sat Googling massage etiquette for an hour beforehand. Apparently no, you don’t actually need to shave your legs (too late, already had). When I arrived, I was shown to the treatment room by Victoria, an apprentice massage therapist (my etiquette lesson taught me never to refer to a therapist as a masseuse) who thankfully put me at ease and told me everything that would happen. After getting undressed and navigating my way through about a million layers of towels and blankets on the bed, Victoria came back in to start the treatment.

What I was expecting to be an incredibly awkward experience actually did turn into the hour of absolute relaxation I’d been promised. Once I stopped over thinking the fact that someone I met 5 minutes ago was massaging oil into my back, I really did start to unwind and feel myself becoming less tense. I’d booked a full body massage and over the hour she worked on my back, legs, arms, neck and shoulders. And it just wasn’t weird. At all. Even during the bit where they hold the towel up for you to turn over didn’t feel weird.

Overall, I now feel like a massive idiot for leaving it so long to go for a treatment that so many of my friends have been having for years. It sounds like it’s such a small thing to just book a treatment and go for it, but I genuinely had the fear and nagging insecurities going on beforehand, so that’s always a plus to overcome it. I’d definitely recommend heading down to Q61 as it’s like a little haven within the city centre where you feel as though you’re in a spa in the depths of a country hotel rather than a few doors up from Five Guys.

Have you had a massage before? Is there anywhere in Leeds you’d recommend? 

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