The Solo Project #6 - A weekend break at Ox Pasture Hall

Ox Pasture Hall Luxury Hotel Scarborough

I cannot even describe how desperately in need of a break I have been recently - it’s actually unreal. The last few weeks have been incredibly busy both in and out of work and I’ve become one of those stressed out people that nobody *really* wants to be around. Yay for me. Honestly, I’ve been a permanent whingebag for fair few weeks and going to stay at a fancy hotel could not have come at a better time for me. It’s made me really appreciate not only the time away but also how my hard work really does pay off when I get the opportunity to do a review like this.

I was invited to go and review Ox Pasture Hall and though they very kindly offered me a plus one, I turned it down as I wanted to have a little break from reality and just spend some time being thoroughly self-indulgent. I also wanted to take the opportunity to start vlogging which is both terrifying and exciting at the same time and you’ll be able to see my first video up over on my channel here – please like it, subscribe, constructively criticise etc.

Ox Pasture Hall is bloody beautiful. It’s a luxury Scarborough hotel, so you’re close enough to have places to travel to and ‘do stuff’ (15mins drive tops) but it’s actually situated in the middle of the countryside and the views are quite simply breathtaking. The hotel itself is incredibly rustic, has a country feel and for me, I found it entirely chilled out and incredibly welcoming. It is set in 17 acres of grounds and that includes a lake – an actual LAKE – and it’s just so pretty in every single direction.

ox pasture hall gardens

I stayed in a suite which was honestly bigger than my flat. It comprised of a bedroom with an absolutely enormous bed, a living space with a sofa and a bathroom with both a bath and shower cubicle. And it had two sinks. TWO. It was big enough that for a couple, you could be there and have space to relax for a few hours without feeling cramped which is really important but for me, it meant I could lounge around on the sofa watching X Factor with a pot of tea before I went down for dinner.

ox pasture hall suite bedroom

ox pasture hall bathroom

running tap into bath

I dined in the Courtyard Restaurant in the evening and the food was delicious and the service was second to none. I chose from the Bistro menu and had ham hock to start, pork belly for main and chocolate tart for dessert – all of which were so delicious and perfectly cooked. Of course I had to have a couple of glasses of prosecco too as it would be rude not to! The service in the restaurant was faultless – the staff were both friendly and attentive, and every table in the restaurant got the same brilliant treatment. After dinner, I went back to my room for a bath (with a Lush bathbomb, of course), and decided to have an early night.

prosecco in ice bucket

I’m usually an absolutely terrible sleeper when it comes to new places so I was pleasantly surprised to sleep through the night whilst I was at Ox Pasture Hall! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well in a hotel before on the first night as usually I really struggle – can I put my good nights’ sleep down to having an absolutely massive bed to starfish in? Apparently there was a wedding going on that night too but I wouldn’t have known if the staff hadn’t mentioned it as I didn’t hear a thing.

The next morning I got up pretty early as I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to go see Scarborough before heading home. I went back to the Courtyard Restaurant for breakfast which was self service for cereals etc, then table service for hot food. I had a full cooked breakfast which was delicious before packing everything up and heading off to Scarborough.

My first stop was the Sealife centre which was about a 15 minute drive away. I realised when I got there that I should have pre-booked as it’s about half the price if you book online and choose a time slot! I went in and worked my way around the centre, but as ever, when you’re by yourself, you get through things pretty fast! I’d say it’s good for a day out if you have kids as it’s pretty interactive, but I was there early so there weren’t any talks going on or anything as I went through. They have a touchy feely rock pool bit and I was assured by the guy who was there supervising that no, the animals weren’t distressed and yes he has seen Finding Dory (10 points to me for using a Disney film as a scientific reference for the wellbeing of starfish). The best bit for me was the walk-through aquarium which had a massive sea turtle and a few pint-sized sharks.


tropical fish

After my trip to the Sealife centre, I headed to the North Bay of Scarborough (the non-tacky bay), for a wander along the beach. I absolutely love Scarborough beach as I’ve been going there since I was a kid and in the last few years, my mum, sister and I have created a Christmas tradition of going to the seaside on Christmas day morning to have icecream on the beach. Whilst the South Bay has a lot going on with the bars and arcades, the North Bay is definitely more relaxing just to have a wander down the beach. After a little walk, I headed back via the Watermark Cafe which is right on the front to pick up some cake for my mum and I as they honestly do the best cake in the world. If you’re ever in Scarborough, head there as there’s a reason why it’s always packed with locals and bikers – it’s so, so good.

rainbow beach huts

My staycation in Scarborough was honestly what I needed. Having time away from work is one thing but truly escaping life for the weekend is a whole new ball game and something that has left me feeling refreshed. Thank you to Ox Pasture Hall for having me for the weekend, it was absolutely lovely.

*As ever with reviews, all opinions are honest and my own..


  1. Yey go you, this seems to be coming to you even easyer now. I've always been a solo bird myself. I had the most amazing meal at that hotel a few years back, I've not stopped thinking about it....


  2. So glad you enjoyed you stay.
    I know Scarborough isn't new to you, but it's still nice to visit and maybe see new things. :)
    The hotel is beautiful, it's location really does wonders for it.
    North Bay is a great bay, I love the town because of the ability to literally go round a headland and there be a completely different feel to it. :)
    Let me know when you're next visiting, would be lovely to meet for cake. :)