The scary world of YouTube

Starting YouTube
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Earlier this week, I posted my first vlog on YouTube and it was damn scary.

I’ve been wanting to try YouTube for a fairly long time as I spend so much time watching it (my fangirling for Zoe/Alfie/Tanya/Jim is shameless) that it became a world I wanted to be part of. I wanted to share my life in the flesh, to capture the moment and let other people have a glimpse into my day to day life. If anything, I like the idea of the friends and family who I don’t get to see a much as I’d like to, to experience the exciting things with me.

I’m not going to be a daily vlogger as I would never have the time to commit to it. Also, I don’t think anyone would enjoy timelapses of me walking to work, sitting at my desk and eating my lunch every god damn day. Likewise, my after work activities tend to include gym classes (if my colleagues are reading this, feel free not to snigger at the amount of classes I’ve bailed on recently), or going home and reading or watching YouTube. Yes, I know, I don’t know how I handle the party lifestyle either. Whilst I want my content to be a relatively accurate reflection of my life, at the same time I don’t want it to be dull as fuck so I’m going to skip out the general day to day bits.

When I do have stuff planned that’s marginally more exciting than re-reading Harry Potter, I want to bring my camera along with me and film it. There will be some cross-over content with my blog as a lot of the things I film, I want to write about and document that way too, but I figured that some people like video, others like words and I want to do both. I found that filming in public didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would and also, a lot of the fun stuff I do is with other bloggers who are used to people filming so I’m hoping that with time, my confidence will continue to grow (and my vlogging arm will get stronger and feel less like it’s about to fall off after holding my camera up).

When I uploaded my first video, I was absolutely shitting it as I had no idea how it would go down. Would people laugh, would they say it’s shit, would they think it was boring?! I had some really positive feedback from friends and family and it was so uplifting and confidence boosting though I know I’m not quite there yet with getting myself across. I mean, I didn’t swear once on camera and that is so not like me. I think once I get more used to filming myself, I’ll be a lot more confident and more ‘me’. I feel that my first video didn’t quite measure up to how I am when I write and what I’m like IRL quite as much as I wanted it to so that is something I promise I’ll be working on.

If there is anything you’d like to see on my YouTube, please hit me up on the comments or on Twitter (@glassesgirl3) as I want to produce the content you want to see. If you like tag videos, chatting to camera about different topics or for me to introduce the friend and family I mention every so often, let me know. If anything, I think filming will make me a) make more effort with my appearance and b) tidy my flat more so all in all, YouTube should be a positive venture for me!

You can check out my first video here:

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