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Today’s post is all about spreading some blogger love. Much like a lot of bloggers, I don’t have time to read everyone’s blogs all the time, and usually I’ll read the posts I seeing being shared on Twitter. It’s really hard to narrow down the blogs I love into a single post, but these are the ones I religiously go back to every single time.

If you’re into reading life musings and dating dramas, you definitely need to head over to Vix’s blog as she is basically the queen of relationship blogging. It’s always refreshing to read absolute honesty about the minefield of dating, sprinkled with some vagina chat and Tinder disaster stories. Everything might be written in a fairly tongue in cheek way but everything on her blog is so damn real. Vix nails relatable for me.

I’ve been following Lauren for a while now and her blog is refreshingly honest. There’s a lot on Lauren’s blog about friendships, changing life stages and transitions through health, fitness and generally being in your 20s – all things which I love reading about. Lauren has made me realise that I’m not the only one who experiences things like growing out of a friendship or struggling to run a 10k when everyone and their dog seems to be running half marathons.

I remember when Hannah first went viral as I was already a subscriber and suddenly a post I’d read a couple of days beforehand suddenly was being shared all over my Facebook. I think Hannah’s blog was one of the first I read which was a bit more colloquial and it helped me find my own voice on my blog. It gave me the confidence to tip toe away from an inoffensive neutral tone and actual write how I speak in real life.

Though Jess is a real life best friend, I do always go back to read her blog, mainly as I love her photography style and whilst her content is primarily travel, it’s both aspirational and attainable at the same time. It’s mid to high end but a lot of her content is UK based so stuff I can actually do, rather than 5* luxury in the Maldives which is marginally out of my price range.

Kellie’s blog is one of the first which I found on Twitter, right back to when I was maybe 6 months into blogging myself (which is three years ago, scary!). I love the sass, the realism and the rants. I also love that Kellie uses her blog to start conversation and this is definitely something she inspired me to channel on my blog. She also made me realise that I could vary from the ‘safe’ content and actually use it as a platform to voice my opinions.

Lorna’s been around on the blogging scene for years but has recently re-launched as Twenty Something Teacher. I know every blogger loves to say that they do it for the right reasons (we’re all guilty of saying it out loud whilst still enjoying the perks!), Lorna genuinely isn’t about that. She’s the type of person who has an idea, writes it, posts it and that’s it. She’s that blogger who’d still be writing the same content if she had one follower or one thousand followers, as she truly uses it as a platform to channel blogger vibes. And you know what? That’s what I’m down with.

That’s where I’m at with blogger love for today but I can promise you that I could have gone on for absolutely bloody ages writing this post (and would probably have listed every blogger in Yorkshire as they’re all so fab). Tell me who your fave bloggers are in the comments, I want to check them out!


  1. Ahhhhhh thank you darling. I always read yours, which is how I found out I was on here. :D

    Thank you xxxxx

    1. You are more than welcome, I've been reading yours for a good 3 years now! xxx