My memories of secondary school

secondary school group photo

As everyone seems to be on the back to school vibe this week, I thought I’d put together a post of my most memorable school memories, simply because I don’t have a child to dress up in their uniform and stand outside my front door. Here’s what I remember from back in secondary school.

1. The drama which was caused by walking to school. Who knew coordinating a group of teenagers to leave at the same time and arrive at each house in sequence every day could cause so many arguments? I kid you not, all the drama.

2. When we spent an awful lot of time being obsessed with boys several years above us who didn’t know we existed. Who knew the sixth form guy with blue hair and a stripy jumper could be such a sex god to a year 8?

3. Fancying teachers. I kid you not, it was probably unhealthy how much time we spent trying to justify that it would be an OK thing to happen. Just to clarify, it would not have been OK.

4. The time a boy in my form started a Bebo poll of my friends and I asking which one of us was the most hated girl in our form. Whilst I can clarify that I didn't come out on top, when the teachers found out, they rang his parents and he cried. Karma's a bitch.

5. Refusing to abide by the ‘you must wear your shorts under your trackies’ in PE rule. Also known as the most pointless rule in history.

6. Walking through clouds of Lynx Africa and when you knew that stench was coming from the year 11 lads, it genuinely had the ‘Lynx Affect’ on your hormonal year 9 brain. Sigh.

7. Spending every free period you have trying to hide from the supply teachers who were put in study areas to police you whilst having a sneaky game of Uno. Living the sixth form dream.

8. The times when a few chavs from the local rival school would rock up and cause a bit of havoc. Hearing about them be chased down the field by teachers and get caught as their 15 year old lungs gave in to their 20 a day habit was a bonus.

9. Playing ‘the game of life’ in sex education and learning that falling pregnant meant your life as you knew it would be over forever. Positive messages all round there.

10. Being angsty teenagers and trying to show how ‘alternative’ you were via your school uniform. Skulls drawn all over your planner? Check. Hand sewn Slipknot patches on your school back when you only knew two songs? Yep. Mismatched earrings as you were edgy as fuck? Absolutely.

So tell me, which of your memories from school really stand out? Let me know in the comments!

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