Gift inspiration - under £15

Gift inspiration under £15
I bloody love buying presents. I love thinking of things that I know/at least hope people love and I find getting a present really right is so satisfying, as it means you know someone well enough to nail it. Like for example the tie my best friend got me a pug in a mug tea infuser and it is honestly the most used present I have ever received. I think my friend has also accepted that she may never top it, but y’know, the pug lives on and sneaks into my Instagram fairly frequently throughout the year. In fact, another one of my friends bought me a handbag which I used for about 18 months and I don’t know how she’ll ever top that either. I think my friends know me pretty damn well now I think about it.

But anyway, I’m not really one for putting together wishlists which are really intended to inspire the gift giving in others as let’s face it, unless your friend has the exact same tastes as me, it’s probably not all that helpful, but I love compiling them, mainly for myself so that I can buy myself treats at a later date. Yay for rewarding myself for surviving life. I’ve done a few posts like this recently for clothing and home and generally stuff I want, and this is another ‘things I like’ list, but everything is under £15. As a girl living (supposedly) on a budget, there’s no point throwing in anything hella expensive as I don’t want my overdraft to cry.

Here’s what I’m loving right now – you may well notice that I’m loving gold at the moment.

home interiors products

So they're the products I'm lusting after at the moment - what are yours? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely love metallic accessories! My dream room would be Scandi-style: all white with gold and textured accessories, but I'm just TOO messy for the minimalist approach to anything! A gal can dream though!

    Claudia xx