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Epic Cocktail Club Launch Night Leeds
two raspberry cocktails

Hi, my name is Lizi and I’m great at first dates. Second and thirds... less so, but hey, we can’t be good at everything. I thought I’d put this little list together of a few places which I think are make great date spots in Leeds as, let’s face it, if you’re new to the dating scene, it’s a bloody minefield. Also, if you ever find yourself in that ‘no, honestly, you choose where we go’ situation, you can look back on this post and thank me later. You are welcome.

EPIC Cocktail Club
This is the rebrand of Brooklyn Bar down the bottom end of Call Lane in Leeds and it has certainly brought Call Lane up a couple of notches in terms of class. I headed there for their launch night and whilst I never went in when it was Brooklyn, now it’s absolutely bloody lovely. As a bar, it’s set apart from the rest of Call Lane because it has a more expensive feel to it (we’re talking leather seats in the booths and really cool, industrial-style furniture). I feel that in Leeds that a date location could easily be suggested as ‘let’s go somewhere on Call Lane’ and if so, I’d head to Epic as there are cosy corners and they serve really good cocktails. I’m just a bit gutted that when we were there it was chucking it down as there’s a bit of a terrace out the back which would be so nice in summer.

The Liquorist
I’ve blogged about The Liquorist before and I no doubt will do again as their cocktails are incredible and their food is pretty damn delicious too. It’s the location which is pretty enough to justify taking a photo of your drink without looking like a social media try-hard (cough, not like me, cough...), and it doesn’t break the bank. I’m all about their £5 cocktails on happy hour. Also, they do prosecco for £20 which comes in a bucket with a couple of fruity liqueurs and fruit to garnish and who doesn’t love a little DIY situ to break the ice? The staff in there are also absolutely lovely too, every time I’ve been, I’ve always noted that they’re incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

The Lost and Found
I stumbled across this bar whilst marginally pissed with my good friend Lorna, following a trip to The Liquorist. It’s where La Tasca used to be on Greek Street (so just over the road) if you’re familiar with the area. It’s seriously classy and is the type of place to have beautiful light fittings, which always impresses me (I have no idea why). We both had a cocktail and at around £7.50 each, we thought it was pretty reasonable for central Leeds. I feel like this is a hidden gem that I want everyone to know about as it’s popped up very recently and is somewhere which needs shouting about.

This is one where you can expect a full scale romantic setting. I went here last year on a date and it’s pretty damn fancy. It has the added value of a terrace with heaters so you can sit outside even in winter, gazing over Leeds and spend your evening trying to decide between shooting stars and aeroplanes as it’s under the Leeds Bradford flight path. Just as an FYI, this was one of the best dates I’ve been on and the location certainly added to it – if you’re confident it’s going to go well, suggest here.

The Alchemist
If you’re from Leeds, The Alchemist is a winner as it’s quirky cocktails that are a talking point but always head to the one on Greek Street rather than Trinity, simply because it’s so much bigger and actually a lot nicer. Honestly, Greek Street is really where it’s at right now for bars. This Alchemist is probably the nicest I’ve been in as there’s just so much space that even on a Saturday night, you won’t wait long for a table.

Its a newbie when it comes to the Leeds bar scene, but I can vouch for Banyan’s dating credibility as I’ve been on several in their York branch. They have an upstairs which is a bit more intimate and a drinks menu to die for. Again, not too overpriced and a modern location makes for flattering lighting when you take a sneaky date selfie whilst your companion is in the loo. If you’re heading for food, Banyan is definitely a winner and if the date goes incredible badly, there’s the option to make a quick exit to the station as it’s over the road.

So, do you have a date night planned? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about where you went!

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  1. I'd recommend the upstairs lounge at EPIC, so nice and would make a great date. The Maven is a good one as well, dark and intimate if needed ;) x