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I adore trying new restaurants so I was very excited to go down to Bossa Grill which has just opened in Leeds for their soft launch weekend and enjoy a complimentary meal. If you’re familiar with the area, it’s opposite the Corn Exchange and where Zizzi used to be. It’s also right above my gym – but who can feel guilty at all of that protein on offer?

Bossa is a Brazilian grill and having only been to Brazilians which serve from a normal menu rather than do the endless meat situation before, I was keen to try it out (though they do also do normal meals as well). We headed down on a Sunday evening and it was still pretty busy the entire time we were there despite it being an invite only night and we felt instantly at ease. It was noted pretty quickly by the three of us that it has a very chilled atmosphere and everyone was incredibly friendly – a vibe I’d associate more with a bar than a restaurant.

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I went with my friend Georgia and my sister Charlotte and in all honesty, it was just one of those really lovely evenings where we got to just sit back and chat – especially as those two had never met before. Our waitress Zoe quickly explained that the menu they were offering for their launch night was the meat menu (there is a veggie option too), which comes with chips and coleslaw included, plus sides at £2 each. The meat is brought to the table, straight from the grill and each table has a wooden cow on it, which you place with the green side upwards if you’d like to be served more food and the red side upwards if you’re having a break or you have your plate full.

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My main piece of advice for Bossa is that it’s a marathon not a sprint. On an evening it’s about £17 for the meat menu and you seriously get your money’s worth from it as it’s absolutely endless. The moment your cow is showing green, I felt like we had the waiters flocking to our table one after the next, each with a different meat. They serve the meat medium/rare which is exactly what I love. Our personal faves on the table were the Brazilian sausages and the pulled beef, but they also brought out lamb, rump steak and chicken wings/thighs. I think Bossa is a particularly good restaurant to eat at if you’re following a diet plan like Slimming World as all of the food is grilled so the majority of the meat is ‘free’, plus you can get sides of salad and rice – it’s easy to indulge but leave feeling full and content rather than in a guilty food coma.

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Price-wise, I’d say the menu is bloody good value – especially in comparison to other all you can eat  Brazlians in Leeds which are upwards of £30 per head. As someone who likes meat but isn’t a full on carnivore, I felt like it’s the right price to leave feeling full but not go into meat-sweat territory, and it doesn’t feel like you’re paying at all over the odds for it. The sides are also half the price of most restaurants in Leeds and there’s enough on the list to keep everyone satisfied too which I really like. We went for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to go with our meal but despite being the most expensive bottle of white on the menu, was only £24, which we thought was very good for a restaurant in central Leeds – it was also a genuinely lovely wine.

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All in all, Bossa has my absolute seal of approval and will definitely be somewhere I go back to! The three of us really enjoyed our evening and our waitress Zoe made it an even more enjoyable experience too. I can imagine it’ll end up being somewhere that gets pretty busy once word gets out so I’d definitely book ahead to guarantee yourself a table.

Do you love Brazilian food? Will you be trying Bossa? Let me know in the comments!
Bossa Grill Leeds Brazilian


  1. Oh I love the sound of this, what a great concept! My husband would totally love it also and move in! lol
    Bookmarked! :)


    1. Definitely get it on the list for a date night! xx